Unusual And Weird Buildings In Europe Which Make You Look Twice

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As you roam through the cities of Europe you will stumble upon some of the most unusual and weird buildings which capture your attention.

These unique examples of bizarre architectural styles test the boundaries of your imagination. You cannot help but look in awe to appreciate the incredible skill that went into designing them.

There are some very interesting, and also downright crazy buildings in Europe and we have included a few of the strangest below.

Guggenheim Museum In Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum exterior design

The Guggenheim Museum building was designed by an Canadian-American architect called Frank Gehry. The design of the building was created to appear random, and with its curved exterior walls this has certainly been achieved.

Dancing House In Prague

Prague's dancing house

This incredible looking dancing house has the nickname of ‘Fred and Ginger’. Vlad Milunic, was the main architect of the building, but he also worked in partnership with Frank Gehry. The Dancing House has won many converted awards such as Time Magazine’s design contest in 1997.

Cube House In Rotterdam And Helmond

Cube houses in Rotterdam

The very unique Cube Houses which are located in both Rotterdam and Helmond are iconic attractions in both cities. These homes are literally rotated at 45 degrees in order to provide the maximum amount of space inside.

Krzywy Domek In Sopot

Sopot wonky building

When you first see the Krzywy Domek in Sopot you may need to rub your eyes. Built in 2004 this building is part of the Rezydent shopping centre in the city. Based upon fairy-tale drawings the architects certainly achieved their goal.

Waldspirale In Darmstadt

Waldspirale building in Darmstadt

This peculiar colourful building is in fact a residential complex. The English translation of Waldspirale means forest spiral which is a sure reflection of its design.

Casa Mila – La Pedrera In Barcelona

La Pedrera in Barcelona

The Casa Mila was first sketched by Gaudi in his workshop within the Sagrada Familia. The design of the building includes no straight walls, both externally and internally. This is now a very popular tourist attraction in the city.

National Library In Minsk

Minsk Library building

National Library of Belarus, Minsk by Andrew Milligan sumo– Source: Flickr

The National Library in Minsk is the largest library in Belarus. The building was completed in 2006 and stands at over 40 metres tall. The exterior of the library is covered in LED lights and in the evening you will witness incredible light shows.

Hallgrímskirkja Church In Reykjavik

Reykjavik church

This stunning church really captures your imagination and it is the highest church in the whole of Iceland. The design was created to resemble the mountains, rocks and glaciers of the area.

Bosco Verticale In Milan

Vertical forest building in Milan

Bosco Verticale is the perfect name for these residential tower in Milan as it literally translates to Vertical Forest. Inaugurated in 2014 there are two towers one of which is 80 metres and the other at 112. Thousands of trees and plants have been used in it creation.

Inntel Hotel In Amsterdam – Zaandam

Hotel in Zaandam

Yes, this is a working hotel! The Inntel Hotel building in Amsterdam looks like a collection of houses stacked on top of each other. This incredible design was created by Wilfried van Winden and was opened in 2010.

Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe In Valencia

Museum in Valencia

This museum is one of Valencia’s most popular landmarks. Opening in the year 2000 it forms part of the City of Arts and Sciences complex. The architects aim was to resemble the skeleton of a whale, and this has certainly been achieved.

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