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When you think of Lisbon, their brightly yellow coloured trams undoubtedly come to mind. Trams in Lisbon are not only a very popular tourists’ activity, they are indeed a major part of the Lisbon public transport system. This is down to the fact that the trams cover areas of the city which the metro cannot. 

The first trams were introduced to Lisbon in 1873. Originally powered by horses, trams are a large part of the culture here. The screeches and bells of the trams can be heard throughout the streets and alleys. 

As the trams meander their way through the city you will uncover many of the nostalgic neighbourhoods of Lisbon. There are several routes of which the trams take, so be sure to hop on them all to enjoy the full experience.

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Lisbon Tram Routes

Tram 28 – Martim Moniz to Campo Ourique

Lisbon Tram 28

The Lisbon Tram 28 route is probably the most recognisable route of all. This scenic journey takes you through arguably one the most picturesque areas of Lisbon, the Alfama District. The Alfama district is also known as the ‘Village within a city’.  

Make sure you hop off here and explore. The tightly packed houses, cobbled winding roads and alleys, affix a wonderful charm to the district.  

Also making its way through the Baixa, Mouraria, Estrella, Madragoa and Bairro Alto neighbourhoods there are plenty of sights to see. This includes the Se of Lisbon which is one of Lisbon most quintessential religious structures. 

The Tram 28 route can get is extremely busy so if you are looking for a quieter journey you may want to try the early or later journey times. You may also want to walk the route if you want to avoid the queues altogether. 

Tram 15 – Praca da Figueira to Alges

Lisbon Tram 15

Tram 15 is not so much travelled for its scenery but more so due to its link to the Belem district. Belem is a tourist hot-spot, but is not accessible by metro, making the trams a vital link.  

You will notice that these trams are of modern appearance. Not like that of the wooden style trams which climb the hills.  

The tram 15 route will pass recognisable landmarks such as the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos and the Praça do Comércio.  

This would be the tram to take when visiting the Belem Tower.

Tram 12 – Martim Moniz to Praca Figueira

Lisbon Tram 15

The Tram 12 route runs in a clockwise circle around Baxia and Alfama districts. Although this journey is relatively short it still shares a portion of the Tram 28 route. Even though some districts are not reached, as like on the Tram 28, it is the perfect alternative due to reduced crowds. This improves your chances of getting a seat.  

Taking the Tram 12 will avoid you having to climb the Alfama steep hills by foot. 

Other Lisbon Tram Routes

Tram 18 – Cais Sodre to Cemiterio Ajuda 

Tram 24 – Praça Luís de Camões to Campolide (Recently Re-opened) 

And Tram 25 – Praça Figueira to Campo de Ourique

Unfortunately, there are pickpockets that operate on the tram systems due to the height of tourism. Just be aware of your surroundings and belongings. But don’t let this put you off experiencing this huge part of the culture in Lisbon.  

Tram by Se of Lisbon

Lisbon Tram Tickets

Tram Tickets start at around €2.90 for a single ticket, which are purchased onboard the trams. A 24-hour ticket will cost €6.30 which would be the better option when travelling around the city. Although be mindful these will need to be purchased at a metro station, rather than on the trams.  

Another alternative would be to purchase a Lisbon card. This will give you access to other tourist attractions as well as unlimited access to the public transport system. This can either be purchased as 24, 48 or 72-hour options. 

Lisbon Tram Tours

See below the some of the best tram tours to experience when on a city break in Lisbon. 

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