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The Royal Palace of Madrid is the largest royal palace throughout the whole of Europe. Through the centuries it was home to the King of Spain and a trip into the Palacio Real Madrid, will give you the chance to see it in all its glory. The opulent design, elegant décor and amazing architecture make this a worthwhile trip. It is no longer the home of the royal family, but it is their official residence.

Royal Palace of Madrid exterior

The unique design of the palace came from inspiration taken from the construction of the Louvre in Paris. The large courtyard is towered over by the Royal Palace of Madrid and there are galleries and a parade ground that all make up this wonderful attraction. As expected, this popular attraction. It is lavish in every way and is certainly worth a visit because as one of the largest palaces in Europe. It must be seen to be believed!

The Royal Palace of Madrid Interior

There are more than 3000 rooms in the palace. Throughout the years, their layout and design have been altered to suit the needs of the residents. Upon entering the palace, visitors can take a look at the main staircase which comprises of more than 70 steps. You will also see the Throne Hall of which the ceiling was painted by Tiepolo who was a famous Italian painter.

Painted ceiling of Palacio Real

Palacio Real de Madrid – Interior by Brian Snelson – Source: WikiCommons

The interior of the palace still houses many of its original features with some rooms decorated in 18th century themes. The Royal Kitchen is one of the more prominent areas of the palace, where visitors can explore one of the oldest preserved kitchens of a European royal residence.

Palacio Real Interior

Palacio Real de Madrid – Interior 01 by Eric Chan – Source: WikiCommons

How Much Does it cost to tour?

The cost of a General Admission ticket is €10 with a discount ticket costing €5. However, visitors can also book tickets for entry to the Royal Palace and the Kitchen at a basic price of €14, a reduced rate of €9 or an exclusive tour of the kitchen for €5.

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Opening Hours

From October to March, the palace opens every day from 10am to 6pm. Between April and September, it opens from 10am to 8pm.

This amazing vast Palace is something that you simply must see when visiting the city of Madrid.

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