Festivals and Events in Europe – June 2019

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June has several great events in Europe for many types of people. Being one of the warmest months of the year, it’s a month to try and take in outdoor events, and you’ll also find plenty of colour and tradition. Head to Portugal in June and as well as the weather, there are take in two cultural events in the cities of Lisbon and Porto.

Feast of St Anthony, Lisbon, Portugal (Sardine Festival)

view over lisbon

The first is the Feast of St Anthony of Padua held in Lisbon, being held between the 12th and 14th June 2019. St Anthony is the Patron St of Lisbon. The festivities are at their most atmospheric in the old towns of Alfama and Castelo. When you are there the smell of Sardines will fill the air and are being sold on the numerous street stalls. With many houses having street facing windows, these also become places from which to buy food and drink. Why not try some of the local sangria too!

plate of sardines at feast of st anthony

Most of the activities take place on the 12th June, with a march of the newlyweds and dancers heading down the Avienda da Liberdada. There is lots of music and dancing on the evening of the and the locals come out in force.

Dates for the event are the 12th-14th June. Book Hotels.

St Johns Festival, Porto, Portugal

douro banks in porto at st johns festival

With a history dating back to the 14th century, this is one of the oldest and largest festivals in Europe. It commemorates St John the Baptist. The city Porto comes alive with colour and tradition, and you’ll find plenty of food. In the evening be sure to head to the banks of the Douro, where there is a large firework display. With thousands lining the river, make sure you’re there early. Barbecued sardines are sold from the many street vendors.

Return to the Douro the following day, and you’ll be treated to the site of a fabulous regatta, with all boats having been decorated.

Dates for the event are the 23rd June. Book Hotels.

Art Basel – Basel, Switzerland

art basel festival

Art Basel is an annual art fair, attended by artists, art dealers, and generally fans of contemporary and modern art. Art galleries from around the world are in Basel to showcase. You will find artwork from over 4000 artists to appreciate.

Dates for the event are the 13th-16th June. Book Hotels.

Lajkonik Festival – Krakow, Poland

horses at lajkonik krakow event in europe

Lajkonik, one of the unofficial symbols of Krakow, is celebrated in this festival which commemorates the Mongol invasion of 700 years ago.

The invaders were known as the Tatars. A person dresses as the Lajkonik (a tatar) and marches through the town, followed by many locals. The march weaves its way through the streets to the Main Square where the Lajkonik is met by the city mayor, who offers cash, and everybody toasts the wellbeing of the people of Krakow. Remain in the square for an evening of music and dancing long into the night.

The event takes place every year on the first Thursday after Corpus Christie.

Date for the event is the 27th June. Book Hotels.

These are just some of the best events in Europe in June.

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