Festivals And Events In European Cities February 2019

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That short month of February can often feel like the longest as we begin to move away from winter and turn our attention to the sunnier, warmer weather of Spring. However, there is still a need to fill this month with some amazing ideas. And what better than a festival or an event held in one of the top locations in Europe. Taking a trip to Europe during February make that transition from Winter to Spring, slightly more manageable. So what festivals and events can you select from in February?

Venice Carnival – Venice, Italy

Venice carnival

Venice is a spectacular place with its mesmerising waterways and adorable architecture and character. Don't be put off by believing that this is only a place that should be visited during the warmer months. That is as far away from the truth as you could be. Even if the winters are cold in Venice, this is an amazing time to visit this amazing city. The Venice Carnival is a real winter experience but one where there is plenty to see and do. There are masked balls, intriguing parades and characters taking gondola rides as well as street parties for you to embrace. The event begins on 16th of February.

Berlin International Film Festival – Berlin, Germany

Venice carnival

If you love film or have a slight interest in films, heading to Berlin this February will give you the chance to explore the Berlin International Film Festival. This is one of the biggest and most prestigious events seen in the country with over 400 films showcased each year. There is also an award ceremony where winners pick up a Golden Bear. This is a festival that is well worth a visit. It is also a great time to visit this fantastic city. The event takes place from the February 9th to the 19th. 

Bruges Beer Festival – Bruges, Belgium

Venice carnival

This interesting festival began life in 2007, and since then it has grown in popularity. It is now considered to be one of the best beer festivals in Belgium. And so, if you are a beer lover, then it is well worth a visit. There are more than 70 breweries on offer where you can sample and purchase over 300 different beers. New beers are launched every year which means that returning to this event in the future will give you something different to focus on. It is a big event with over 20,000 visitors attending. It is conveniently located in the centre of Bruges, close to the Beer Museum. 

Cologne Carnival – Cologne, Germany

Venice carnival

While Oktoberfest often gets the plaudits as the biggest festival in Germany, the Cologne Carnival is coming close to being a contender. Especially when you consider the visitor numbers. The event runs from late February through to March, naturally reaching a climax on the 42nd day before Easter. It involves a lot of traditional activities as well as a number of events and parades that are adorned with colours. Local music keeps the atmosphere ticking over and there are plenty of bars and pubs available to sample some real German beer. With the extended bar times, the party atmosphere and the traditional aspect of this event, it is the perfect way to explore a new and exciting event in Europe.  

Fête du Citron – Menton, France  

Nearest City – Monte Carlo

Venice carnival

This is the Lemon festival and each year it follows a certain theme. The whole festival is based around lemons. With movable statues, scenes and carts involved in the parade all being completely covered by lemons and other forms of citrus fruits. The fruit is the focal point of the celebration but the streets are decorated. There are light displays and you have the stunning Côte d’Azur as the backdrop, so often, you can experience some good weather at the same time. 

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