Events in Europe – May 2019

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The month of May brings with it many fantastic events in Europe. Now officially halfway through spring, the weather also tends to be favourable and with that, many outdoor events take place. May is a great month visit Europe, so why not coincide your trip with an event and experience the culture of the countries and cities of Europe first hand.

Horse Fair – Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

ACaballoFeriaJerez by El Pantera – Source: WikiCommons

The Horse Fair in the city of Jerez is a relatively unknown event and you’ll find that you do not stumble across many other tourists. Because of this the event has kept much of its authentic feel and makes for a great experience. This exciting, vibrant, centuries old, event is very popular with the local population. Many residents take a stroll down to the Gonzalo Hontario Fairgrounds in the city to join the celebrations. What you will find when you get there is the finest horses taking part in dressage, riding competitions and polo amongst other displays. Later in the evening flamenco dancing and other parties take place which last into the early hours of the morning.

Dates for the event are the 11th-18th May. Book Hotels.

Cannes Film Festival – Cannes, France

Cannes 161 by GabboT – Source: Flickr

The Cannes Film Festival is a yearly celebration of film. Thousands of fans, filmmakers and stars decent on the city in the south of France to an award festival which could rival the oscars. There is glitz and glamour everywhere. Although there are many awards received during the event, there are also many premiere screenings to enjoy too. The atmosphere is incredible and well worth experiencing, and when you aren’t at the actual event, well, you are still on the french riviera!

Dates for the event are the 14th-23rd May. Book hotels.

Rhine In Flames – Linz to Bonn, Germany

Rhein in Flammen by mLu.fotos – Source: Flickr

This amazing event is the largest boat parade in the whole of Europe. The parade makes its way along the River Rhine between the municipality of Linz am Rhein to the city of Bonn. The pageant is beautifully lit with colourful lights and are accompanied with incredible firework displays. Locals on the riverbanks also join in the celebrations by lighting torches really making for an amazing atmosphere. The passing riverside villages and castles make for a picturesque setting.

Date for the event is the 4th May. Book hotels in Bonn.

Romance at Keukenhof – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Flowers and music are the main attraction of the romance at Keukenhof festival. Located at the Keukenhof Gardens on the outskirts of Amsterdam the gardens really make for a romantic setting. Here you can listen to classical music while dancing between the beautiful tulips on show.

Dates for the event is the 11th-12th May. Book hotels.

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