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In recent years, Cardiff has undergone significant redevelopment and that has put it back on the map. Whether you want the nightlife at Cardiff Bay or you want to explore the history that surrounds this wonderful city then it has it all to offer. From the mountains to the north to the coast to the south, this is a destination that covers everything you could ever need.

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay is a bustling, lively area of the city that brings you a range of bars, restaurants and the chance to explore this modern coastline. The barrage makes it possible for you to explore the calm waters of the bay on a water taxi or you can take a leisurely stroll. From the Dr Who exhibition to the historic docklands, there is always something going on here. During the summer months, there are plenty of things going on such as food and music festivals or if you want to catch a show then head to the Millennium Centre.

Cardiff Castle

Sitting at the heart of the city, the commanding castle is every bit impressive. There are wonderful parklands contained within the grand walls of the castle and the fairytale towers hide over 2,000 years of history. From the Romans to the Normans and even The Tudors, this castle has a rich past that keeps on giving. The Castle sits at the heart of parklands on a mound and instantly you will appreciate just why this castle has been so prominent throughout the years.

St. Fagans

This brilliant attraction on the outskirts of the city is a great place to go on a fair day as the attractions are all outdoors. However, it is set in acres of parkland and so, it makes for a great place to go for a stroll at the same time. It is even free to get in. Once inside, you will find reconstructed buildings that date back through the history of Wales. The buildings were carefully deconstructed and removed from their original location before being reconstructed here in St. Fagans. It really is a great opportunity to take a step back in time and see how life used to be.

National Museum

The National Museum is located in a beautiful building in the heart of the city just next to the castle and here you can find a wide range of exhibitions that are sure to keep the kids entertained for several hours. From dinosaur fossils to Roman exhibits and animal, there is a lot available for you to take a look at.


If you are travelling with children then this is the ultimate in excitement, thrills and exploration. Inside you will find a huge array of fun, scientific exhibitions that give children and adults the chance to learn about all things science. Colourful displays invite children to try their hand at solving puzzles while finding out what makes things happen. There are optical illusions and more on offer here but this is a place that will mesmerise everyone.

Rhondda Heritage Park

To find out all about industry in Wales and to see the wonderful mountains to the North of Cardiff then a trip to the Rhondda Heritage Park is an absolute must. This was once a thriving coal mine but now it is a tourist attraction giving you the chance to take a lift down into the mine before exploring the tunnels and the places where men from the valley used to dig for coal. Don your helmet and flashlight and delve into the darkness where a knowledgeable guide, who once worked in the mind will take you on an insightful tour.

Dr Who Tour

Any fan of Dr Who must take a visit to the Dr Who exhibition. You can go on a journey that takes you through the history of the show where you can take a look at props from the show and experience all that goes into make this hit show that is loved by millions around the world.

The Principality Stadium

This magnificent stadium is a real feat of engineering given the tight space it has been built in. It overlooks the city and is home to Rugby Matches, Football Matches and some of the biggest artists in the world. Take a tour of the stadium and learn all about how it was built, explore the famous changing rooms graced by some of the biggest names in world sport and feel the atmosphere of this amazing 75,000 seater stadium.

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