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The capital of Northern Ireland is a popular tourist destination and with history relating to the Titanic, the Victorian era and much more, it is a city that keeps on giving. A great atmosphere with plenty of sights, it is well worth a visit.

Titanic Belfast

The iconic Titanic ship was built here and at the head of the slipway is the Titanic Belfast where you can explore the history of Belfast and the world famous ship that failed on its journey across the Atlantic. Exhibits are cleverly designed and historical images and projections show just how this city used to operate in the hustle and bustle of the industrial era of the 20th century. Take a look at the SS Nomadic where you can explore the intricate details of the Titanic’s construction including a computer fly through to the accommodation on board. There is even old footage of the ship before it set sail and you can even take a look at the slipway where she was launched.

Crown Liquor Saloon

As far as historical monuments go, this is up there as one of the best because you can enjoy this with a pint of beer. The National Trust’s Crown Liquor Saloon is a work of art, dating back to the flamboyant Victorian period where you can find lavish designs and a touch of history in every sip. While it is a tourist attraction it is a fully functioning pub frequented by locals who also enjoy the ornate design, Italian tiles and the crown on the pavement outside the entrance. You will find stained and cut glass, marble, ceramic, mirrors and an added atmosphere that comes with real gas mantles. The long bar is every bit impressive and dominates one half of the pub while the other half is where you will find snug seating that comes fully equipped with gunmetal platers dating back to the Crimean War that can be used to strike matches and bell pushes that made it possible for drinkers to order a top up without having to leave their seat.

Ulster Museum

Quite easily, you could spend hours taking a look around the state-of-the-art museum but the Armada Room is where you should head to first because this is where you can find artefacts that came from the Spanish galleon Girona which became a wreck in 1588. The Egyptian room won’t disappoint either with a 2,500-year-old Egyptian Mummy unwrapped in 1835 while the Early Peoples Gallery brings you the bronze Bann Disc and Celtic artefacts from the Iron Age. The Nature Zone is perfect for kids, where they can explore geological time, evolution and history. The Snapshot of an Ancient Sea Floor is every bit impressive, where kids can take a look at a fossilised portion of a 200 million-year-old seabed with ammonite shells and petrified driftwood.

City Hall

This classical Renaissance-style city hall was made using Portland stone in 1906 and a 45-minute guided tour will tell you all you need to know about this impressive building. You will learn about the Italian marble, stained glass as well as the opportunity to take a pew on the mayor’s throne.

Crumlin Road Gaol

If you want a taste of the history of criminals and how they were treated in Belfast then this is the tour for you. The notorious Crumlin Road Gaol will take you from the tunnel beneath Crumlin Road, which was constructed in 1850 and used to take prisoners from the courthouse right through to the expansive halls and tiny cells of C-Wing as well as the execution chamber. The prison opened its doors in 1846 and it was home to many figures known through history such as Eamon de Valera, Reverend Ian Paisley and Suffragette Dorothy Evans as well as the Shankill Butcher, Murderer Lenny Murphy. It is an interesting visit that gives you a real insight into the prison and its history as well as how the design was based on London’s Pentonville Prison. Between 1854 and 1961, 17 executions took place and it remained in use up until 1996.

St. Georges Market

Built in 1896, this is the oldest operating market in Ireland. This work of Victorian beauty is home to a number of different markets including the Friday variety market where you can find a wide range of goods to the Saturday food and craft market as well as a Sunday market where you can find crafts, live music and local arts.

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