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Undoubtedly, Bath is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of the UK and it comes steeped in a huge amount of history that dates back centuries. Thousands of visitors take to the streets and the attractions of Bath each year in search of their fix of culture and excitement. The town is bustling with stunning buildings made with the famous Bath stone while you get the chance to explore the Roman history and modern luxuries.

Roman Baths

For over 2,000 years, the Roman Baths have been one of the most popular places to visit in the whole of the UK. The Great Bath is a work of genius, proving just how clever the Romans really were. Naturally heated, you can't take a dip but there is something charming about this place and it really does take you back in time.

Take some time for yourself at the Thermae Bath Spa

If the Roman Baths have given you the urge to explore your own kind of luxury then the Thermae Spa won’t disappoint. The natural hot spring water is a complex that brings the natural spa into the 21st century where you can explore relaxing treatments, spend time in silence and embrace the amazing views over the city.

Try some culture

Whether you are looking for galleries or museums, you will find that Bath really does tick every box. There are many museums to choose from ranging from historical to contemporary giving you access to Georgian history right through to fashion.

Abbey Tower

A tour to Abbey Tower will give you the chance to take in this iconic landmark where you can climb the 212 steps to the top. On your way there, you will pass the ringing chamber to the bell chamber while you will have the chance to stand above the vaulted ceiling of the Abbey and even sit behind the clock face. At the top, you will be met with the chance to catch your breath before being left breathless again with the sensational views over the city and the countryside.

If you don’t want to take the big climb to the top then you can take a look at the church which was built between 1499 and 1616, making it the last great medieval church raised in England. The West facade is undoubtedly the most impressive feature where you can see angels climbing up and down stone ladders.

The Royal Crescent

Take a step back to a time where Georgian wealth and glamour was all the rage because the Royal Crescent is every bit impressive. Take a look at No 1 Royal Crescent where you can a stunning, restored property with lavish rooms, many bedrooms and a vast kitchen and costumed guides to add to the experience. This is one of those attractions that will simply have you gripped.

Prior Park

Landscape architect Lancelot Brown partly designed these impressive grounds which can be found at this 18th-century estate on the southern edge of Bath. You can explore the cascading lakes and Palladian bridge with period graffiti which dates back to the 1800s. Entrepreneur Ralph Allen established the estate and he made his fortune by founding the first postal service in Britain as well as owning many quarries from where much of the Bath stone was mined. The house is now a private school but with many beautiful pathways around the property, you can embrace the beauty and the Bath Skyline where you can enjoy the sensational views that really will inspire you.

Herschel Museum of Astronomy

As far as museums go, this is a pretty cool experience because this museum is all about celebrating astronomy and the astronomer, William Herschel who discovered Uranus from his garden in 1781, with his home now being a museum. He shared his house with his wife Caroline, who was also an astronomer. The home is different now but the astrolabe in the garden marks the exact spot of where their telescope was located.

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Bath Christmas Markets

While Bath has a lot of attractions, it is still a relatively small city but in terms of events, the Bath Christmas Market attracts visitors from all around the country. The atmosphere is special and that the way in which it is laid out, makes it possible for you to explore the city at the same time. You will find amazing wooden stalls that are packed with festive gifts while the aroma of Bratwurst and mulled wine will get you in the spirit of Christmas in the best possible way. It can get busy but that adds to the charm and the excitement of this brilliant event.

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