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Utrecht is the capital of the Utrecht province and is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. Located around 30 minutes from Amsterdam, the city is considered to be a significant religious centre in the Netherlands. There are many historical churches on offer and amazing architecture that goes back as far as the middles ages. The Romans occupied the city and as far back as 50 CE people had settled in the city. Through the years, the city has grown to become an important part of the economy for the Netherlands. Stunning historical buildings, canals and a wide range of museums make this a great place to visit.

Utrecht Canals

If you thought that Amsterdam was the city of canals then think again because the Utrecht canals are extensive and impressive, much of which is lined with traditional houses, offering a stunning place to walk and explore. The canals are magical and can be found throughout the town and if you want to explore them further, you can take a small boat tour but walking the canals is also a great experience. The houses are adorned with colour and many have doors that open straight out onto the canal but most of the canals are located below street level which gives the city a different dimension.

Centraal Museum

This is the most significant museum in Utrecht which was established in 1838. In the museum, you can find a wide selection of beautiful artworks that come from local artists who ware well known. The main feature is historical art but there is also modern art, fashion and applied art on offer here. The old ship is another interesting feature, known as the Utrecht ship it can be found in the cellar and is well worth a look but with displays of Roman coins, law and order and many different medieval sculptures, this is a museum that ticks every box.

St Martin’s Cathedral

This is the main cathedral in Utrecht and was originally connected to the Dom tower although the two are now separated as the nave collapsed and so, the two have never been joined back together. This stunning cathedral has stood in Utrecht since the middle ages and at one point, it was the biggest church in the whole of the Netherlands. It consists of Gothic architecture and resembles many churches that you see through France although the choir still remains as well as the transept along with the area that was once the main nave although this square is now filled with trees. Inside, the quality of the interior will impress and the ornate design will captivate.

Utrecht Botanical Gardens

Get away from the city for a while and explore the famous Botanical Gardens that are located in the University of Utrecht. Even though this is just outside of the city, it is worth visiting because here you will find a wide range of plants, trees, butterflies and fountains. There are many different species of butterflies and their size and colour will amaze you but the garden, which is split into six different areas is also an impressive site. There is a rock garden, a fort area and a wide selection of flowers and wildlife that encourage insects and animals to visit the area.


This is an attraction with a twist and is different to much of what you will see in the city. You are given the chance to dive below the city of Utrecht and explore it with a torch. DOMunder is located in the Domplein which is next to the Dom Tower and St Martin’s Cathedral and with two different tours available, you will be fascinated in every possible way. Take the discover tour and explore the 2000 year history of the Domplein, where you can explore the underground world of Utrecht. However, for those who love history, the Archaeology tour will take you on a journey to a Roman Fort and provides you with a huge amount of information on the area.

Castle de Haar

This fairytale castle is mystical and magical and with stunning gardens surrounding it, including a moat and lake, it is a real work of beauty. Designed in a Neo-gothic style, it has pointed turrets and crenulations but the interior is where it really comes alive with wooden carvings and a stunning collection of artwork and tapestries. The gardens are every inch amazing and they have been designed in the style of Versaille, making this the perfect place to take some amazing photographs.

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