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Rotterdam is the second largest city in Holland and can be found in the southern part of the country. It has a population of around 600,000 and for hundreds of years, it has served and the main gateway to Europe for trade. A city filled with modern architecture and a touch of history, it captivates the imagination.

Markthal Rotterdam

This new building was conceived in 2009 and is a real work of modern art and architecture. It is an office and a marketplace that comes with a unique design and outlook over the courtyard. Inside you can find artwork as well as shops, stalls, restaurants and bars. It is a place that has a lot of atmosphere and life.

Rotterdam Zoo

For many years Rotterdam Zoo has been home to some of the most beautiful animals in the world, despite having to move location during WWII in order to avoid being bombed. The zoo is in amazing condition with a Botanical garden and an Oceanium and with breeding programs it helps many species to thrive. The zoo consists of themed areas such as the Chinese garden, the Malayan Forest and a crocodile river. You can see Black Rhine, Sumatra Tigers the Asian Elephant and the Amur Leopard. The zoo is a great place for anyone of any age to visit.

Euromast Tower

Standing at 606ft, the Euromast Tower has looked over the city of Rotterdam since 1960. It was created to provide views of the Rotterdam cityscape and it does just that perfectly well. It is the tallest building in the city and here you can find a restaurant, a conference room, a hotel suite and the observation deck. It is the perfect way to see the city from above and with a relatively cheap entrance fee, it is a great way to get above it all. If you are looking for something more exciting then you can take a zip line back down or even abseil.


This is the area of the city where the ports are located and as one of the busiest ports in the world, you have to see it to believe it. The port is massive and despite it not being one of the most exciting places to visit, to see the huge cargo ships cruise in and out is pretty impressive. If you want to get closer to it, you can take a boat tour around the port to see the ships, quays and storage facilities. This is a port on a colossal scale.

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is one of the largest in the world and here you can find a superb collection of memorabilia and art. Located in central Rotterdam, you can explore exhibitions such as the controversial painting of the Battle of Trafalgar as well as figureheads from ships and naval uniforms. It is an interesting place to say the least and a great place to explore.

Rotterdam Boat Tour

If you really want to see Rotterdam for real, then a boat tour will take you around the harbours and the port. The port is massive and although you can see it from a distance on foot, to walk it would be a mistake and so, this is the only way to see it. You can make yourself comfortable and learn all about it from the tour guides who will give you an insight into all you need to know about the port and harbours. The modern boars are smart and offer great views from outside and inside while you can enjoy food and drink onboard. The tour is informative and interesting but is one of the best ways to see the ports.

Kinderdijk’s Windmills

When you think of the Netherlands, windmills are likely to be one of the first things to spring to mind as they are an iconic part of the country. Head east from Rotterdam and you will come across the village of Kinderdjik, which is filled with charm and character. However, what really puts this village on the map are the windmills that hug the canals. There are 19 windmills in total and all have been restored so that they are back to their original condition, turning them into a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is beautiful and the countryside and the network of canals will never disappoint.

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