The Best Things To Do In Zurich

From a city of real beauty to a city built around financial organisations, Zurich is impressive in every possible way. Whether you want to experience the wonder of pure fresh air or the hustle and bustle of this exciting city, you can find it all right here. There is an abundance of history and fun on offer in this city which is the beating heart of Switzerland.


Lake Zürich

From the wooded peaks of Pfannensiel and Albis Chai, this crescent-shaped lake is beautiful in every sense of the word. You can explore the lake in many ways but if you want to take it in, you can take a scenic walk along the promenade located on the east shore.

From here you will be able to take in views of Uetliberg where you can view the yachts and boats as they glide across the lake under the summer sun.

Museum of Art

The Amazing Museum of Art can be found near the Schauspielhaus on Heimplatz. Here you can find art that dates from the 1200s to the 2000 and a huge collection of work from the Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti.

Whether or not art is your thing, you can explore the amazing works of arts on offer such as works from Ferdinand Hodler and contemporary pieces that will get your artistic juices flowing.

There is also a large amount of international art for you to take a look at and so, you can easily spend many hours wandering through this sensations museum.

Swiss National Museum

If you visit Zurich then you need to pay a visit to the Swiss National Museum. There is a vast array of historical artefacts for you to take a look at while you will be able to explore Swiss culture as you take a journey through the history and the past of the country.

Starting with prehistoric weapons tools and pottery, you will eventually make your way up to the modern day. You can then move into the Renaissance where you can view an impressive selection of wooden images, carved altars and triptychs form chapels and churches from around the country.

This is a museum that does not stop giving because you can also witness Swiss art movements in the gallery and take a look at the former armoury of Zurich. All of this can be found in a gorgeous Renaissance Revival palace that was built in 1898.


This Romanesque church with its two towers helps to create one of the most impressive landmarks in the Zurich. Originally this was a monastic church which began life in the 12th century, taking a century to complete but for those who love medieval architecture will be impressed with its design and sculptures. 

The oldest part of the church, the crypt, is the original and on it, you can view frescoes from Hans Leu the Elder from the 1400s although they are slightly faded now.

It played a large part in the Reformation in Switzerland in the 16th century with the church breaking from the papacy in 1523.

Zürich Zoo

For something different, why not pay a visit to Zurich Zoo, where you can find the very best in animal attractions, giving you a break away from the history and many buildings the city has to offer.

The whole design of the zoo has been carefully considered, where animals are given as much space as possible to use. This can be seen at the Elephant Park, where Indian elephants have a habitat in modern biome and you can even view them in the underwater viewing areas.

There are 4,000 animals in total and 340 species where you can follow the emperor penguins as they walk through the park or even take a look at the domestic animals at the petting zoo.


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Events In Zurich

Street Parade – August

This is the biggest technoparade in the world and it certainly does not disappoint. The street parade is all about loud sounds, dancing and an atmosphere, making it the largest event in Zurich. The event is all about freedom, love and tolerance and with over 1 million people attending, there is a vibe that will have you mesmerised.

It takes place on the second Saturday in August and is filled with colour as it moves around the lake.

Christmas Market – December

Christmas in Zurich is a special experience. The cold weather, the chance of snow and the stunning Christmas stalls make this a worthwhile trip. You can sample the flavours of traditional Christmas food and drink and get yourself in the mood for the festivities that lie ahead.

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