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Geneva, in Switzerland, is a stunning city which sits on the South banks of Lake Geneva. Surrounded by the Alps, with views of Mont Blanc, and the Jura mountains, the views are simply stunning and create the perfect backdrop to this beautiful city. Quality of life has been voted to be one of the best in the world. It is very much a centre for finance and business with many corporations having headquarters in the city. High end jewellers and designers all have shops here too, not to forget the chocolatiers who are well renowned for their products across the globe. Due to its draw of business and grandeur the city has a great cosmopolitan feel and a vibrant atmosphere. 

Musee d’Art et d’Histoire  

The Museum of Art and History has over one million artefacts within. These range from ancient times all the way to the present day. Paintings, sculptures, historical objects and musical instruments are just some of the commodities on display. There are audio guides available for people of all languages, so the experience can be fully appreciated. The museum itself is the largest in Geneva and built from 1903 until 1910.  

Bains De Paquis 

One of the most popular tourist locations, the Bains De Paquis provides a great spot for you to relax and unwind. Here you will find a beach, baths and restaurants. The beach is one of the most popular in Geneva and provides a great spot for families as there is plenty around to keep the kids amused too. The Baths, including a hammam and Turkish baths are perfect for both the Summer and Winter months. In the Summer there are free concerts which can be enjoyed from 6am. There is no better place to watch the sunrise over the charming lake.

Steam boat on lake geneva

Jet D’Eau 

The Jet D’Eau is one of Geneva’s most famous and recognised landmarks since its creation 1886 and sits in the harbour of Lake Geneva. This giant fountain sends water 140m into the air, at a speed of 200kph and pumps 500 litres per second. Originally its use was to control water pressure at a nearby hydraulic plant, but it was soon recognised as an attraction and a symbol of Geneva. The fountain can be seen from many locations throughout the city and even when flying over at 30,000 feet due to its vast size. Seeing the fountain at night is a real spectacle. Times of operation change throughout the year so check before you travel if you want to see this impressive landmark. 

Jet D'Eau

St Pierre Cathedral 

The cathedral is over 800 years old and was once the home church of John Calvin, founder of Calvinism. Located in the centre of the Old Town this Gothic style cathedral started life as a Catholic Church but was changed to the Reformed Protestant Church of Geneva subsequently. From the north and south towers, you can observe incredible views looking over Geneva. The Cathedral still holds numerous concerts throughout the year.   

Reformation Wall  

The Reformation Wall is a monument which stretches over 100m and depicts and honours the main events and figures that had been influential part of the Protestant Reformation. The wall is located along the Promenade de Bastions within the University of Geneva. There are cafes and restaurants here to and plenty of places to sit back and relax should you wish. 

Jardin Anglais 

Simply translated as the English Garden, is an area which has been designed based on an English landscaped garden. Within this 25,000 square meter expanse you will find a fountain, busts, statues and restaurants. The parks lake-side location provides fantastic views of the Jet D’Eau and is the perfect spot to escape the busy city for a moment.   

Reformation Wall in Geneva
Jardin Anglais in Geneva

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History and Culture of Geneva 

Geneva was firstly a Roman settlement in 58 BC and was an important area due to its location in the heart of Europe and was credit also to the ascendancy of mankind. The city was Christianised and the seat of a Bishop during the era of Roman rule. A Germanic invasion followed, and eventually became part of the Burgundian Kingdom. 

The Dukes of Savoy took an interest in Geneva due to its prime location and took control of the city, but their rule ended around 1530. Later in 1541 with the arrival of John Calvin, who founded Calvinism, Geneva became a centre point from which Calvinism expanded further into Europe. John Calvin proclaimed to be the leader of the city and created the Republic of Geneva.  

Troops occupied the city during the French Revolution followed in 1789, although this only last for a brief time until 1814 when the French were evicted due to the end of the Napoleonic war. Subsequently it became part of the Swiss Conferderation.  

In the late 19th century Geneva began to boom through the industrial age. Shops, banks and other businesses such as textile factories and watchmakers, including Patek Phillipe, began to dominate the city. This was a stepping stone on the way to how we see the city today. 

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