The Best Things To Do In Stockholm

Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia and it brings with it a lot of culture and a vibe that is trendy and modern. It is considered to be the hub of culture and is spread across 14 islands near the Baltic Sea. You will find a wide range of bars and restaurants as well as museums and natural beauty. 

The ABBA Museum  

One of the most popular things to come out of Sweden, ABBA were huge hit in the 70's. A trip to the Abba Museum will surely bring back many memories for some. They were a group that was revered around the world and so, this is a very popular and interesting museum. Here you will be able to view some of their extravagant costumer as well as many other exhibits such as being able to wear their costumes digitally. ABBA might have split up several decades ago but this is certainly worth a visit. 

Kungliga Slottet  

This is the official residence of the Swedish royal family although it is only used for official ceremonies and is open to the public. This impressive building as 600 rooms, spread over seven floors. This makes it one of the largest palaces in the whole of Europe. The design states back tot he 18th century and is based on a Roman Palace. There are halls for functions, Royal Family work-space and the Royal Court of Sweden all located here. There are three museums available to visit where you find antiquities and medieval artefacts. 

Kungliga Slottet  palace

Skansen Open-Air Museum  

This museum dates back to 1891 and is now the oldest open-air museum in the world. Here you will be able to learn about Sweden and take in the zoo which is home to those animals only found in Sweden. There is an industrial mini-Sweden where you can view farms and buildings that have been relocated from other areas of the country. Staff are dressed in full costume and they carry out demonstrations related to life in the 19th century. It is positioned on the stunning Djugarden island where you can regularly find festivals but also amazing views.

Skansen Open-Air Museum


Olga Milles and husband Carl Milles who was a sculptor were an artistic couple and they decided to give their home to Stockholm. Their home is now an impressive art museum and sculpture garden and the place where they were buried. Here you will find amazing paintings and captivating sculptures. The home is designed beautifully, with lavish terraces, fountains and stunning gardens. A great place to visit for a wander and to sample some fine art. 

Gamla Stan

This is the oldest town in Stockholm and located on the Stadsholmen island. The official name is Staden Mellan Broams which translates to “the town between the bridges”. This is an old medieval town that consists of old cobbled streets and German architecture. The large square was where the bloody massacre of 1520 took place. The island is home to the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral and a restaurant that has been open since 1722. 

Gamla Stan

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History and Culture of Stockholm

It is believed that Stockholm was founded in 1252 and soon after, the city was chartered by Birger Jarl. He founded Stockholm as a way of blocking off the waterway between Lake Malaren and Baltic Sea. However, in 100  years, it became the largest settlement in Sweden. In 1521, Sweden parted union from Denmark and Norway following the Stockholm Blood Bath and so, it soon became the capital of Sweden in 1643. After the way disappeared, the city began to evolve and was soon known as a city of Science. Today it is a vibrant city with real charm and personality. 

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