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Gothenburg is a city that was built in one go in the 17th century with plans for it to become a trading post during the powerful era of the Swedish Empire. As the city was well planned, it means that the streets are neatly designed and 300 years after its initial design, the 1920s saw an influx of new construction where new buildings were added to the city. This is a town on the coast and so, the water plays a vital part in its history and its current-day affairs.


Botanical Garden

Spread over 175 hectares, this expansive Botanical Garden is perfectly positioned in the centre of the city while it encompasses a nature reserve and arboretum. There are 4,000 plants kept in greenhouses and so, the attraction is filled with life, regardless of the time of year. 

Here you will find the biggest collection of orchids in the country with a grand total of 1,500. There is also an Easter Island tree undercover as well as a sophora toromiro which will really impress anyone who has an interest in this kind of thing as it is extinct in its natural habitat.


This amusement park is over 90 years old and still has massive crowds visiting it today. There is a real character and charm about this park with trees and greenery but it is constantly growing and adding new rides. 

There is a steel roller coaster and the bone-shaking Balder which is a wooden roller coaster that is every inch a real thrill. This park is suitable for people of all ages and with a wide range of amusements on offer, it will captivate, excite and leave you wanting more. 

There are often free concerts staged here and it opens during the winter where they celebrate Halloween and Christmas with a special market.

Gothenburg Archipelago

Take a trip to these amazing islands located close to Gothenburg an explore the Southern and Northern Gothenburg archipelago. The Southern islands are car-free and if you take a ferry from Saltholmen, you can use the same ticket to move from island to island where you can explore the fishing villages and their laid-back way of life including old shipping settlements and even take a kayak trip on clear water and walks through nature reserves. 

To get to the Northern archipelago, you will need to take a car ferry but here you will find fishing, watersports and a fish museum along with restaurants offering great views.


It starts at Kungsportsbron, heads over the bridge over the canal and angles itself through the city, this is Gothenburg's impressive avenue that is captivating in every way. In the 1800s, it was used to link the new upmarket neighbourhood that was south-east of the fortified city but here you will find shopping, nightlife and fine dining. 

Take a look through the chain stores and the fashion shops and any boutiques and once the sun sets, try one of the many restaurants and bars. This is a part of the city that is bustling, lively and smart. If you want to dress up and explore the entertainment then this is the place for you.


Located in the military section of Gothenburg's airport, you will find the Aeroseum from the Cold War era. It was built between 1950 -55 and is a subterranean hangar that was kept hidden as a secret until the 1990s. However, in 2005, it was converted into a pretty cool aviation museum where you can go to take a look at the military aircraft. 

Here you will find helicopters, Swedish made fighter jets and bombers such as the Saab 37 Viggen and the Saab 35 Draken. You can take to the cockpit of any of these aircraft and take a look at the control room and even take a flight in a simulator.

Volvo Museum

As far as vehicles go, Volvo is the biggest manufacturer to come out of the country and so, the Volvo Museum is worth a visit. It can be found beyond the mouth of the Gota alv and here you will find all you need to know about this much-loved vehicle maker. 

The brand was established in 1927 and here you can find every model that has ever been produced including cars and trucks along with concept cars. Volvo is not just about cars and there is the exhibition available to view for the Volvo Ocean Race as well as equipment developed by Volvo Aero.


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