The Best Things To Do In Valencia

Valencia has so much to offer tourists when they head to Spain. It has an old town, small streets that criss-cross the city, a medieval history and a seafront that embraces the magnificent Mediterranean.


This Oceanarium opened in 2003 and is without a doubt the main attraction of the City of Arts and Sciences. There are 45,000 animals on offer and 500 different species putting it on a scale that cannot be replicated anywhere else in Europe.

There are ten zones to explore, all of which have their own environment, with the water coming straight from the waterfront. This is where you will find beluga whales, tiger sharks, penguins and dolphins.

La Lonja de la Seda

Built in the 15th century, this grand building is a UNESCO site and considered to be an impressive example of Valencian Gothic architecture.

This is a monument that speaks volumes about the golden age of Valencia when the city was at the hear of trade and culture. The name means Silk Exchange and this is the place where traders from all around the Mediterranean would join and agree to deals.

Inside, there twisting columns in the main hall while the details of the vaulted ceiling will have you amazed. 

Valencia Cathedral

This is the only Gothic cathedral in the city and it dates back to the 13th and the 14th centuries. Throughout the centuries, it has seen a number of modifications made to it including Neoclassical, Baroque and Renaissance, all of which can still be seen today. Head inside and take a look at the impressive Renaissance paintings of which some came from Rome after being commissioned by Pope Alexander VI.

However, one of the most interesting parts of this cathedral is the Chapel of Holy Chalice. At the altar, you will find a few chalices that are believed to have been used by Jesus to institute the Holy Eucharist at the last supper. Archaeologists have dated it back to the 4th century BC to the 1st century AD.

Malvarrosa Beach

Take a short trip from the old town and you will come across this beautiful Mediterranean beach. A strip of golden sand that stretches as far as the eye can see, it is clean and provides all the facilities you need to spend the day relaxing here.

Access is simple and with a  promenade next to the beach, that refreshing drink or lunchtime snack is never far away.

Hire a bike

If you are feeling energetic and want to get the most from the city, then you should hire a bike and take to the narrow streets of Valencia as well as the pedestrianised squares and promenades.

There is so much on offer and with this simple freedom, you can explore the main attractions and get the most from your trip.

You will find that getting around by bike is one of the main ways to travel because the city is geared up for cyclists following the introduction of the Valensibi bike sharing network.


You can’t come to the home of paella and not try this amazing dish. Head away from the main restaurants and sample paella in one of the backstreet restaurants but be sure to make a reservation.

This famous Spanish dish was first made here and they put everything into it including local rice and saffron. The name actually originates from the large iron pans that the dish is cooked and served in and with several varieties available including Rabbit, Snails or seafood, you will always find that perfect paella dish waiting for you.

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Las Fallas

In the build-up to St. Josephs Day on the 19th March, a number of celebrations take place throughout the city and so, it becomes awash with noise and colour, making it one of the best in Spain.

Las Fallas marks the beginning of spring and in the past, the carpenters of the city would build bonfires the night before in honour of the patron saint. Over time, the event grew in size into the spectacle it has become today.

During the build-up, there is something different to see every day. This can include things such as each day in the town square, the La Mascleta, a firework display takes place and during the week, Ninots, which are massive cardboard sculptures are paraded through the streets before being burned in the Crema, which are massive fires held on the 19th March.

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