The Best Things To Do In Seville

The capital of Andalusia, Seville is rich with culture, history and heritage. Here you can embrace the city under the warm summer sunshine and explore the glorious buildings, gardens and the hustle and bustle of this stunning city.


Seville Cathedral

This massive building has so much to offer and you can easily spend hours looking at this structure with its stunning architecture, relics and history. There are 80 chapels, all of which are different, make this the largest cathedral in the world and is known as a World Heritage site.

You can still see some of the remains of the mosque that once resided on the same spot and this can be seen in the Court of the Orange Trees, the spot where Muslims performed ablutions. Inside, the tomb of Christopher Columbus is the real winner but this is a building that will amaze you in every way.

Real Alcázar

This stunning UNESCO- listed palace is a gracious and marvellous looking complex that is still heavily used by the Spanish royal family. Their state rooms and chambers are located on the upper floor and these can be visited for a higher fee.

The majority of the complex is designed in the Mudejar style and was created by Pedro the Cruel in the 14th century. There are subtle hints of the original Almohad palace on the Patio del Yeso and when you take a visit keep an eye out for the carved coffered ceilings that you can see when you walk between courtyards.

Head to the Grutesco Gallery for impressive views.

Maria Luisa Park

This is the largest area of green space in Seville and it once belonged to the San Telmo Palace going back to the 1500s. During the late 19th century, the grounds were given to the city and after a remodel in 1911, the gardens have become what they are today.

This is a park that continues to throw up surprises ranging from ponds to sculptures and a pavilion. Here you will find palm trees and the main area that houses a vast botanical garden with species from around the world.

Archaeological Museum

This was built for the Ibero-Americal Exposition and many of the artefacts come from the archaeological sites from around Seville. There are some fascinating finds here with Bronze Age items dating back to the 8th century BC, belonging to the local Tartessos Culture that resided on the banks of the Guadalquivir River or the Phoenicians.

You can view the 21 pieces of gold jewellery, all of which were replicas up until the originals were put in place in 2012.


Take a short trip out of the city and head to the birthplace of the Roman Emperors Trajan and Hadrian. This is a huge archaeological site with the main attraction being the amphitheatre. This is where 25,000 people would have sat back in the day and once you have taken a look at this, you can view the tunnels under the terraces of seating along with the subterranean structure. 

Located at what would have been known as the seats of the ancient city, you can find the foundations of mansions and temples as well as complete mosaics.


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Events In Seville

Feria de Abril

In April, in the Los Remedios area, you will find fairgrounds over a period of five days. It starts on Tuesday and ends with a firework display on Sunday. There are thousands of tents erected and locals wander around wearing traditional costumes. The women wear costumes known as Traje de Gitano which are the traditional polka dot flamenco dresses while the men wear short waistcoats and wide-brimmed hats.

Throughout the duration of this event, people will embrace food and drink while they dance to traditional Sevillanas through the night. There are classic fair amusements on offer as well as horseback rides that really give this event a cultured feel.

Semana Santa

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, the Holy Week Processions in Seville are some of the most famous in Spain. Sombre penitents take to the streets of Seville wearing sandals and robes, with many of these groups making up the brotherhoods of the many churches that can be found throughout the city.

They carry decorative floats that are large in size and depict passion scenes and weeping Virgins. The event builds up to Maundy Thursday and at this point, the central plazas of the city are given a makeover with grandstand seating with women who attend dressing in black. During the night, the processions slowly make their way through the streets until dawn.

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