The Best Things To Do In Palma

Palma is a bustling city with a vibrant atmosphere but along with this, it is known for its impressive history, amazing dining experience and the chance to explore the amazing beach. There is a lot to do here and that is why it is a popular tourist destination.

Take a trip to Bellver Castle

This is only one of a few circular estates in the whole of Europe, but dating back to the 14th-century, this fortress located on a pine-forest covered hill offers great views and a taste of history. This was once a Royal residence as well as a refuge from the plague and a prison, with a long and arduous history, you can now explore it in all its glory. There is a museum inside that is dedicated to the history of Mallorca and throughout the summer months, concerts and other events take place in the courtyard. Parking around the castle is easy but you can choose to take a walk through the pine forest to get there which is rewarded with a cold beer once you reach the top.

San Juan Mercado Gastronomico

This is a feast that really captivates all of the senses and from stylish presentation to flavours as well as a wide variety on offer, you will be left wanting more. Located in an old abattoir, the place is large and cavernous with high-table seating slicing through the middle of it. There are 17 stalls that offer a wide range of freshly cooked dishes including oysters, seafood, mini burgers, hams and so much more. For food lovers, this is a place that you have to try but with an impressive selection of wines on offer, there is always a chance to try something different while absorbing the amazing atmosphere and live music.

Palma Old Town

Narrow, cobbled streets give the Old Town its charm and character but the historic Palacios, elegant archways and medieval churches take it to another level. Courtyards covered in shade give you a chance to take a break from the sun and if you take a guided tour to learn about the history of the district. You can purchase traditional Mallorcan baskets at Mimbreria Vidal which is one of the oldest basket shops or you can sample some ensaimada from one of the many bakeries. If you love the sun then the plaza is the place to enjoy a drink and some tapas but if you are looking for some excitement then a segway tour will tick every box.

Palma Cathedral

This impressive sandstone cathedral is well worth a visit because it is spectacular in every way. This awe-inspiring building took a sensational 600 years to build and with its huge size, you cannot miss it. For a small fee, you can head inside and take a look around and you can take an audio tour where you can explore the largest rose windows in the world and many of the renovations that took place in the 20th century that were completed by Antoni Gaudi. For several days a year, the upper terraces of the cathedral and the bell tower can be explored as part of a guided tour.

Ancient Arab Baths

This amazing site was only found 100 years ago in the gardens of a manor house in the Old Town of Palma. They date back to a time between the 10th and 12th century when Palma was an Arab city that was known as Medine Mayurqa. There is a belief that this would have been attached to a private home and was not open to the public but the baths seem to have been constructed from the remains of other buildings dating back to other periods. The columns are mostly Roman and can be found in the domed roof tepidarium but all have been taken from different places. This is a fascinating place set in a stunning, secluded garden.

Take to the beach

When in Palma, it is not all about the city and because the beach is never too far away. The C’an Pere Antoni is a beach that has all that you need and is easily accessed from the town centre. At 750m long and has all the facilities, you could need such as showers and a beach club. This is a popular beach with locals because it is clean and consists of fine, golden sand and the water is clear and safe for swimming.

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