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Ljubljana is a modern city that has been born again following the earthquake in 1895. This paved the way to new designs and much of the city you see today came from this period. It is a green city that offers contemporary living and tourism and as the centre is mainly car-free it is easy to get around on foot.


Triple Bridge

Taking you away from Preseren Square are three bridges that are decorated with stone balustrades and lanterns. The middle bridge is the older of the three and dates back to 1942. The bridge was made for road traffic while the other two alongside it were brought in for pedestrians in 1930, created by architect Joze Plecnik. 

The riverside terraces also date back to the same time as this project and here you can find poplars and the flower ship that connects with the colonnade of the Central market located on the right bank.

Ljubljana Castle

From many of the squares in the city, you can see Ljubljana Castle watching over you from its high position. If you are the energetic type, then you can take to foot to reach it but there is a funicular railway. The castle was first built 900 years ago but it has changed a lot since. The stone wood and stone fortress was followed by practical military buildings, where it became an Arsenal in the 16th century in preparation for the Ottoman invasion. 

You can enter the courtyard for free and here you can find a nightclub, cafe, galleries and a restaurant. 

If you want to climb the watchtower, you will have to pay but this will give you views over the city. Take the Time Machine tour and learn all about the historical events that have taken place in Ljubljana.

Tivoli Park

Located close to Ljubljanica, you can find Tivoli Park which is a green area that reaches out more than two kilometres. Here you will find beautiful gardens that were landscaped in 1813 that extend up the slope and onto Roznik Hill, where you will nature trails.

You can also find plush properties here such as the Baroque Cekin mansion which is home to the Contemporary History Museum. Here you can also find the tropical greenhouse that is managed by the city’s Botanical Gardens positioned next to the pond. On the whole, this is a wonderful place to visit that takes you away from the city and gives you the chance to wander and explore.

Central Market

The Central Market was designed by Joze Plecnik in the early 1930s and formed part of the same work that was carried out n the Triple Bridge. The market is positioned along the river and can be found between the Triple Bridge and the Dragon Bridge. It is located on the site of the old diocesan college for girls that became a victim of the earthquake in 1895. 

Here you will find stalls that sell herbs, spices and handicrafts as well as bakery stalls, dried fruit and nuts as well as veg and fish. The market is open every day but it is closed on a Sunday.

National Gallery of Slovenia

At the front of Tivoli Park is the National Gallery of Slovenia. This impressive museum displays works that date back to the medieval period right through to the 1900s. 

The museum is located in a Revivalist palace that dates back to the end of the 19th century and through the years it has been updated and extended. There are over 600 works to take a look at that range from Gothic art to Italian art as well as sculptors who completed a number of commissions in the 1700s. 

Learn all about the Slovenian Impressionist movement and take a look at one of the main pieces – Francesco Robba’s Fountain of Three Carniolan Rivers. This is the original sculpture and was moved to the glass extension in order to protect it.

Museum of Illusions

For something different, why not take a look at the Museum of Illusions located in a Townhouse on Congress Square. This is a museum that makes you think about the displays and have lots of fun at the same time.

It might seem like a museum for children but adults can take a lot of enjoyment from here in equal measures. Move through the rooms where you will find something strange and whacky happening. Take a look at the Anti-gravity room or the Vortex Tunnel all of which will give you the chance to explore strange sensations and experiences.


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