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Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is sure to grab your attention. It will make you fall in love with the culture, style and history that it has to offer. Sliced in two by the Danube, this city is filled to the brim with history as well as random, modern Soviet structures.

Slavín War Memorial

At the top of the tallest hill in Bratislava is where you will find the Slavin War Memorial. There is a cemetery here and a memorial that pays tribute to the Soviet troops that were killed while liberating Bratislava in 1945.

The memorial is located in a plush part of the city and is surrounded by mansions and embassies. It was officially unveiled in 1960. At the base is a memorial auditorium and a statue of a Soviet Soldier. Then you have the six mass graves where the remains of almost 7,000 Soviet soldiers now lie.

Bratislava Castle

Looking over the city from its rugged home, this castle is positioned on a site that has been fortified for thousands of years. The castle defended the city and made the perfect lookout, nestled between the Alps and the Carpathians.

In the 16th century, it became the seat of the Kings of Royal Hungary. And this is where the Hungarian crown jewels remained for 200 years. It became damaged during the war and was reconstructed, turning it into the spectacular landmark that it is today. 

While the architecture will amaze you, it stands for so much more. From the terrace, you will be afforded sensational views over the Danube and even as far as Austria and Hungary. 

Bratislava Castle

Historic Centre of Bratislava

History underpins the very core of this city. Here you can really let your curiosity run wild as you take a trip through bright pathways and explore palatial squares.

The Old Town is small and that means, should you become lost, you are never far away from familiar surroundings. There is a lot on offer here, including fountains, monuments, plaques commemorating past historical figures and Baroque architecture.

There are some important buildings in the Old Town. These include the University Library Building and a former government building where serfdom in the kingdom was abolished in the 19th century. Of course, there is a huge choice of cafes, gelato stores and artisan stores for you to browse as you wander around.

Bratislava Old Town
Old Town Bratislava

Maximilian’s Fountain

Heading to the main square, you will come across one of the most prominent monuments in Bratislava. You will find Maximilian’s Fountain positioned opposite the Old Town Hall. It was commissioned by the King of Hungary, Maximilian II in 1572 as a water supply for the citizens of Pressburg.

The central column contains a statue of a knight in battle armour. Many believe that this is an image of Roland, a mythical defender of Pressburg rights while others believe it to Maximilian. There is a myth that at the stroke of midnight each new year, the statue turns to face the Old Town Hall before bowing in honour of the 12 councillors who died while defending the city.

Maximilians Fountain Bratislava

Kamzík TV Tower

This strange tower can be seen from almost anywhere in the city and it certainly has a 70s design to it. However, this TV Tower is worth a trip for the views. A quick bus ride will take you to the base of the tower on Kamzik Hill.

After a short walk, this 196-metre tower will appear giving you the chance to make your way up to the 70-metre observation deck. Once at the top you can take your pick from two restaurants, a bistro and a observation cafe bar. 

The views will blow you away as they give you fantastic panoramic of the city. Views across to Austria and Hungary as well as the Czech Republic are visible on clear days.

Kamzik TV Tower

Bratislava Transport Museum

You will find this attraction located in the hall of the First railway station in Bratislava on Sancova Street. In 1848, the first steam engine arrived at the station. To this day, the rails and platforms have not been altered in any way.

There are cars from the Soviet era to take a look at. These include a ZIL-115 limousine as used by the communist elite in the 70s and 80s. The significant car selection consists of cars that were mainly made in the Czech Republic. While the motorbike exhibition dates back to the 1920s and 30s, which includes Indians, BMWs and a Harley Davidson.

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