The Best Things To Do In Oslo

Oslo is filled with endless amounts of history. It is a contemporary city that is filled with life and a cosmopolitan feel. The best time to visit is late spring but this is a city that keeps on giving throughout the year. Choose a certain time of year and you will find that all-night daylight is one of the reasons why this city is always bustling. 

Akershus Slott 

This was built in 1299 as a residence for the royal family and so, it is now considered to be the most significant medieval monument in Oslo. The story has it that the fortress is occupied by ghosts. This is an attraction that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Akershus Slott Oslo

Oslo Opera House 

This can be found in Oslofjord where it gives the impression that it is bursting out of the water. This marble and granite building is every bit impressive and if you are feeling brave, you can take a walk onto the roof. Here you will experience sensational views that reach as far the surrounding islands. 

You can book a guided tour to learn more about the architecture and spend time backstage or if you are there at the right time, you could even book tickets. 

Viking Ship Museum 

The Vikings knew how to build ships and so, here you will find some of the finest Viking ships. The history and intrigue certainly make this museum a place that you must see to believe. You will find the Oseberg ship which dates back to the 800's and was a grave for a Viking queen, who was buried with all of her belongings, so she could make a clear passage into the next life. You will find Viking warships and many other ships, most of which have been perfectly preserved. 

Fram Museum 

When in Norway you simply have to take advantage of its fascination with ships, the sea and expeditions. The Fram Museum will give you access to the vessel that embarked on three Polar expeditions. The first it drifted over the Arctic Ocean between 1893 and 1896, then it headed to the Arctic Archipelago from 1898-1902 before braving the waters of Antarctica on a South Pole Expedition from 1910 to 1902. You will be able to take yourself on a journey through expeditions via photographs, films as well as being able to hop on board the ship. Explore the ship, take in the bunks, the engine room and the facilities that made the trip somewhat more comfortable.

Oslo Opera House
Fram Museum

Magic Ice Bar Oslo 

When you are in Norway, you will always be reminded that you are beyond the boundary of the Arctic Circle but that does not mean that you should miss out on the Magic Ice Bar. Inside, you will get anything but a warm welcome because the temperature remains below freezing at -5 degrees Celsius. So, to keep warm, you are given a fur-lined cape and gloves. You are surrounded by crystal ice that comes with the Torn River in Jukkasjarvi in Northern Sweden. Sip your drink from a glass made of ice and embrace this magical watering hole.

Magic Ice Bar Oslo

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History and Culture of Oslo

The history of Oslo began in the Middle Ages with the first settlement believing to have appeared in 1000AD. During the middle ages, the city could be found on the east side of the Bjorvika inlet. Moving through the years, in 1624, the town was ravaged by fire and so, King Christian IV called for the city to be rebuilt near below the Akershus Fortress, changing the name to Christiania. However, the spelling changed to Kristiania in 1877 but 48 years later it reverted back to being known as Oslo. 

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