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Bergen used to be the largest city of all the Nordic countries and the capital of Norway during some of the most important times in history, but today it is the second largest city. It is still very much a city that is crucial to Norway in an economic and cultural sense and with its location in Norway comes a lot to see and do.


Bryggen – The Hanseatic Wharf

Any visitor to Bergen has to take a trip to Bryggen. The colours of this old Hanseatic Wharf will leave your mesmerised and with a history that dates back to the 14th century, there is plenty to see and do.

It still remains a significant part of the culture and economy of Norway and has been through a lot during the years including a fire in 1702, where it was decimated but then rebuilt.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wharf is home to small museums, shops and restaurants.

Fløibanen and Fløyen

Bergen is known in Norway as the city of the Seven Mountains and so, why not take a trip to one of them. The easiest mountain to access is Floyen, which is located close to the centre of the city.

A Funicular connects it to the town and in just 8 minutes, you will find yourself at the top where you can embrace amazing views of Bergen and all that surrounds it. On the way down, take Floibanen and embrace the leisurely stroll down the mountainside.

Bergen Fish Market

Norway has an impressive coastline and so, naturally, the sea plays a large part in industry and the economy today in the same way as it has done for centuries. It is home to the busiest seaport in Norway and this is where you will find the best fish and seafood.

The outdoor market is where you can explore the hustle and bustle as well as them any colours and treasures that have been plucked from the ocean that very day. There is so much on offer here ranging from fish, shellfish, fruit, vegetables and handmade crafts that you can purchase and taste.

Bergen Aquarium

Again, being surrounded by water, the North Sea plays a large part in the country as a whole so why not explore the Bergen Aquarium. There are 50 tanks available to view, all of which have stunning displays and a wide range of species.

You will see plenty of fish and seaweed but also penguins, sea lions, crocodiles and even a monkey. There are live demonstrations, daily shows and many other activities taking place every day.


The Troldhaugen Villa was built in 1885 and was the residence of the most famous composer Norway has ever seen, Edvard Grieg. He had a career where he was one of the most prominent composers and figures of the Romantic Movement but he also gave the country its national identity after it has been newly established.

Today it is a museum where you can talk a look through the life of Grieg as well as his hut where created many of his masterpieces. Take a look in the Villa, see his own personal piano or listen to his music. This is well worth a trip.

Fantoft Stave Church

Fantoft Stave Church is where you can see one of the many unique expressions of the Norwegian national heritage, ranging from Sparta constructions to the impressive complex.

The church was originally built in 1150 but a fire ripped it apart in 1992, which was believed to be the work of the famed Varg Vikernes. So, the church that stands proudly today is not the original but a reconstruction but it really does provide an insight into early Norwegian art and heritage.

Fjord Cruise

The fjords that surround Bergen and connect to it are a sight to behold and cherish forever. The amazing wonders of the spectacular Norwegian landscape await you and that is why a fjord cruise is definitely worthwhile.

Hurtigruten is one of the more spectacular trips on offer for those who want as much from their trip as possible. Of course, this isn’t for everyone and so, one of the simple day trips will give you the chance to explore one of the longest fjords in Norway, Sognefjoden to Baroniet Rosendal, the smallest castle in Norway. Or you can simply sail around and embrace the amazing views and breathtaking scenery.


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