The Best Things To Do In Venice

Known as the sinking city, Venice is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Made up of more than 100 islands it is surrounded by water. This romantic setting has many historic attractions for you to explore, along with tranquil canals.  With a medieval history and a bustling vibe, you will soon find that Venice has so much to offer.

Grand Canal

Venice has hundreds of canals that connect all of the islands but the largest is the Canale Grande. This is Canal is known around the world and resembles a river more than it does a canal but it meanders through the centre, creating a bustling place that has over 170 buildings lining the banks of the canal that date back to the 13th century. Travel along the canal or walk along it, whatever you choose, you will fall in love with it.

St. Mark’s Basilica

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous buildings in Venis, this is a work of architectural art that has stood tall and proud since 1092, where it still remains one of the most important buildings for religion in the North of Italy.

It consists of ornate details, sculptures and artwork and with stunning painted frescos on the domed ceilings, it is every inch impressive. It is located in the Piazza San Marco and can be accessed from the grand canal, this is a classy building that will mesmerise in more ways than one.

Ponte di Rialto

This is one of the bridges that cross the Grand Canal but it is without a doubt, the most impressive and iconic of them all. It merges the San Marco and San Polo districts of Venice, making it one of the most important bridges but also one of the biggest tourist attractions. It was originally built as a wooden bridge, it stood for hundreds of years before collapsing in 1524 and so, from that point, it became an ornate stone bridge that still stands strong today.

Full of detail and intricate designs, it is beautiful in every way and complements the amazing canal that passes beneath it.

Venice Lido

If you want to leave the busy city behind in search of peace and tranquillity, then the Venice Lido is where you should head. This is an island that stands between the Adriatic Sea and Venice but it brings with it a beautiful stretch of beach but also shops and restaurants for you to explore and sample. You can take yourself away to a quieter setting where you can escape the hectic streets and waterways of Venice.

Take a Vaporetto through the Grand Canal

When it comes to transport in Venice, the Vaporetto is the main form of transport. There are trains and streets where you can move around easily but you need to experience the real Venice by taking a trip on the water in a Vaporetto.

The Vaporetto system is an efficient way to travel and is one of the quickest ways to move around the islands of Venice. Extended passes make it possible for you to travel around with ease without having to purchase separate tickets but this is the way to travel in Venice and it makes it possible for you to experience the real Venice in all its glory.

Venice Tours & Attractions

Map of Venice

Events In Venice

Carnevale Festival

During the month of February, the city hosts one of the most spectacular events on offer. Three million people dress up in masquerade outfits and enjoy the chance to dance until the sun rises. 

This is a party that has a history that dates back to the Renaissance times and that is why you will see residents wearing gilded white masks and impressive outfits that really capture that moment in time. From feathered hats to capes and theatrical outfits, this is a carnival that has it all and more.

Festa Della Sensa

Venice relies on the water that surrounds it and runs through it and so, the Venetians celebrate this bond and relationship with water every year by hosting a symbolic wedding ceremony that brings together the city and the sea. 

The Mayor of Venice takes part in a grand parade of boats that lead a procession of rowers in St. Mark’s Basin where a ring specially created for the ceremony is thrown into the sea in order to make the marriage of the two.  

The ceremony also includes many rowing associations from towns along the coast and there is a series of regatta and a women’s race on mascarete boats along with a 4-oared gondola race. 

There is plenty of entertainment on offer, markets and an atmosphere that lasts long into the night.

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Hotels In Venice

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