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Trieste is positioned in the easternmost point of Italy and as it borders with Slovenia, you can be sure that it is full of culture, style, history and beauty. In many ways, it is very different from the rest of Italy and as one of the biggest cities in the area, it offers it all. From architectural design to the influence of ancient cultures and civilisations. Its close proximity to the sea and with an extensive port, this is one of the richest economical areas of Italy.

Trieste Harbour

This is an impressive harbour in ways that you might not usually expect but this is a harbour that is crucial to the area and the country because of the role it plays within the Italian economy. The coastline here is taken up by a public harbour and a commercial port, both of which come together exceptionally well. The public harbour does have stunning yachts and traditional fishing boats but head to the south-west and you can explore just how busy this area is with impressive cargo ships entering and leaving the docks all day long.

Piazza Unita Italia

This impressive square can be in the historic old town and as it faces the Adriatic seas, you can be sure that you are given a great spot to take it all in. Its grandeur and impressive size make it the largest square position next to the sea in Europe and with many important buildings positioned in the square, it is clear to see why this is an important part of the city. Here you can find the Town Hall, the Palazzo del Lloyd Triestine and the Palazzo Pitteri. All of which have their own character and impressive design. There are a number of monuments to take a look at here and two that stand out are the iron sculptured columns that stand proudly at the entrance to the Piazza.

Canale Grande

Despite its name, the small waterway can be found in the heart of the old town and not far from the Piazza Unita. This waterway has severed the city since the 1700s and gives boats direct access to the city where they can unload their goods. It is only 200m in length but it still has three bridges and boats moored on either side, giving it a character and charm that has to be seen to be understood. Around the canal is a number of stunning buildings that further add to the beauty of this wonderful part of the city and if you are feeling hungry or want a coffee, there are restaurants and cafes that offer outdoor seating.

Trieste Roman Theatre

No trip to Italy is complete without taking in a bit of history and in Trieste, you are sure to find some impressive snippets of history such as the Roman Theatre. This is a Roman Amphitheatre that can be found on the Via del Teatro Romano at the heart of the Old Town. Its condition is unbelievable and you can still see the old seating and stage along with columns and walls. You can also see some of the original statues that once stood at the theatre in one of the local museums but take a walks through the theatre and embrace the wonder of Roman Architecture in all its glory.

Grotta Gigante

Head to the North West of the city and you will find Grotta Gigante, which is effectively a giant cave but one that doesn’t disappoint. The main cavern stands at 100m tall and 65m wide with a length of 130m, turning it into one of the longest caves in the world. This is a famous cave that has played its part in word records, where a hot-air balloon as flown through it. Take a guided tour and learn all about this amazing work of natural beauty while taking in the many stalactites and stalagmites.

Molo Audace

An amazing promenade that that be found in the heart of Trieste, positioned right next to the Piazza Unita Italia. This is a promenade that reaches out into the Adriatic sea for 300m and here you can take a leisurely stroll along it to take in the scenery and the beautiful ocean in front of you. If you head here at the right time of the year, you could even take a dip in the sea. Along the promenade, you will find benches and iron mooring points and from here you can take in the expansive views and take some memorable photographs.

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