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Nuremberg is a city that has played a part in some of the biggest events in the world, including the Holy Roman Empire right through to the 20th century. The Old Town is encompassed by walls with the Kasierburg castle perched above it. However, there is no doubt that Nuremberg really became popular for the wrong reasons during World War 2, where the Nuremberg rallies took place as well as the racist laws and Trials following the war. Be sure to walk this area and see some of the historic areas, including those of the dark days in the not too distant past. There is a lot to take in here but it is a city that will really have you hooked from the moment you arrive. 


Found on the north side of Nuremberg Altstadt, you will dins a castle that played a huge part in the Holy Roman Empire. This was the place where the imperial court gathered and the newly appointed emperor was required by decree to have his first Imperial Diet at Kaiserberg. The castle keep at the circular Sinwell Tower is dated back to the 14th century and is a delight to see while the observation platform will give you a spectacular panorama of the city. The Deep Well, which is sheltered by half-wooden houses in the Courtyard goes to a depth of 50 metres and is worth a  look while the Palas was used for official functions at the castle. It has seen several renovations since the Middle Ages but here you will find a museum that gives you all you need to know on the Holy Roman Empire.

Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

The Nationalist Socialist regime considered Nuremberg to be important because of the role it played in the Holy Roman Empire. Prior to coming to power in 1933, this was the location for the mass propaganda rallies that took place and during this time they built a congress hall which formed one aspect of the master plan. The hall can be found on the north side and here you can see the exhibition “Fascination and Terror” where you can learn about the Nazi regime through interviews, photographs and documents.

Nuremberg Trials Memorial

Between 1945 and 1949, high-ranking Nazis were brought to justice in Courtroom 600 at the Justizpalast and even today, it is still a working courtroom. Visiting can be difficult because it is still in use and so, the weekends are the best time to pay it a visit where English speakers can take you on a tour of this infamous room. At the top floor there is a museum about the Nuremberg trials and here you can find explanations about the crimes and the defendants.

German National Railways Museum

The first German railway was laid in Nuremberg known as the Bavarian Ludwigsbahn and so, the city has a museum dedicated to the history of rail in Germany. It is the oldest attraction in the country and was first opened in 1899 as the Bavarian Railway Museum. Many of the exhibits come from King Ludwig II’s Royal train known as the Nordgau locomotive which dates from 1853 while there is also a 1930s DRG Class SVT 877 which was used on the Hamburg-Berlin line and was the fastest rail connection in the world back then. Exhibits relating to bridge and tunnel reconstructions can be found on the first and second floors and there are 160 models that date back to 1882.

Albrecht Dürer’s House

Considered to be the best painter that Germany has ever seen, he lived and worked at this townhouse in Nuremberg between 1509 and 1528 when he died. This is the only example of a 15th-century artists residence in the whole of Europe and so, it is unrivalled. During the war, the building was damaged but was then restored before it was reopened in 1971. It is five storeys tall and is only one of a few burgher houses left from the golden age of Nuremberg in the 15th century. The rooms contain period furniture and exhibitions as well as a reconstruction of his studio.

Nuremberg Zoo

One of the biggest zoos in Europe, it is constantly opening new enclosures but this zoo, which is located in a former sandstone quarry is well worth a trip. Many of the sand pits remain and this offers a natural enclosure for animals such as the Siberian and Bengal tigers. On display here are bison, giraffes, deer and Zebras where their habitat offers them a level of freedom that you do not see in other zoos.  The 17-metre high walkway in the vulture enclosure is a relatively new attraction and gives you the chance to see these magnificent birds in all their glory.

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The marketplace (the Hauptmarkt) is home to some great Christmas markets over the festive period.

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