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Head to Munich and you might find it difficult to know where to begin. With Baroque churches, cocktail bars and art museums, it is a city that offers so much to all adventurous travellers. Munich, situated on the banks of the River Isar, is the third most populous city in Germany and has a history dating back to the medieval period. There is beautiful architecture and art to see throughout Munich.

Munich Residenz

Beginning life as a 14th-century castle for the Wittelsbach monarchs, it is positioned on the northern edge of the city and throughout the centuries it was turned into a stunning palace with ten courtyards and 130 rooms. 

Grand statements were made by dukes, emperors and kings cover a range of styles including Neoclassical, Baroque and Renaissance. It is worth doing several visits if possible as it is large in size and filled with plenty of art for you to browse. 

However, if you can only fit in one trip then the Italian Renaissance Grotto courtyard is definitely worth a look and the Aniquarium banquet hall.

Neues Rathaus

The Town Hall of Munich is a place that has adorned many postcards but this Gothic-looking building is every inch impressive. From the outside, you will see pinnacles, niches with trefoil arches and statues of the first four Bavarian kings. 

Between 1880 and 1900, the population of the city doubled and so, the building had to be expanded only 20 years after it was completed in 1874.  The building was extended to house 400 rooms and the facade became 100m long and so, on a clear day, it is worth scaling building in order to take in views of the Alps. The Glockenspiel has chimed since 1908 and does so at 11:00, 12:00 and 17:00.


In front of the Neues Rathaus, the Marienplatz is often seen to be bustling with locals an tourists who are likely to be shopping, sightseeing or simply watching the world go by. The square has been the heart of the city since the 12th century and is name after a Marian column that was erected there in the 17th century. 

The monument dates back to 1638 and celebrates Swedish troops withdrawing from the city after the 30 years’ war. At the top is an older statue that was sculpted in 1590 and it depicts Mary on a crescent moon as the Queen of Heaven.

St Peter’s Church

This is the oldest church in Munich, dating back to the 1100s although a fire ripped it apart in 1347. After reconstructions, it was given a Gothic style and over the years, it has been extended giving it Baroque and Renaissance elements. 

This blend of styles can also be seen in the art as the 15th-century Gothic paintings by Jan Polack can be found underneath the amazing Late Baroque ceiling fresco by Johann Baptist Zimmermann. The high altar is worth a closer look with the figure of St Peter, which was sculpted by Erasmus Grasser at the beginning of the 16th century stands proud. 

You will find the church sitting at the top of the hillock, Petersbergl and if you want to take in the impressive views via a telescope, you will need to climb the 299 steps to the top but the views really are worth it.

Asam Church

Take a simple walk from the Sendliner Tor at the southern point of old Munich and explore and extravagant church with Baroque design neatly wedged between two buildings. The is Asam Church gets its name from the designers, of which one was a painter and the other a sculptor. 

This was originally a private chapel that was not attached to any religious order but in this narrow space, they had the freedom to break some rules when it came to the layout and the interior decoration. Examples of this can be seen with the fact that the church faces west and the crucifix opposite the pulpit is hung low. 

All of these unique differences add to the atmosphere of this amazing church and the glowing ceiling frescos and workmanship can be seen throughout.

BMW Museum

Car lover or not, the BMW museum is well worth a visit because it symbolises modern Germany. This futuristic looking museum was designed by Karl Schwanzer, with the front looking like a salad bowl. 

Completed in 1973, the showrooms are spacious and modern and as you move through, you get to experience the way in which the brand has evolved through the years. Browse the vintage cars, motorcycle, turbines, engines and crazy concept vehicles from the last two decades, all of which come with a multimedia explanation. You even get to learn that Elvis Presley owned a BMW because that is also on display in the museum.

Olympic Park

Munich has a great sporting history. Being home to Bayern Munich, the most successful club in German football. Take in a game at the impressive Allianz Arena. Munich hosted the summer Olympics in 1972. Be sure to take a walk around the Olympic Park and take in the views of the pond. While in the park, take a tour up the Olympic Tower. At nearly 200m tall, you can be sure to take in the views of the whole city while the platform rotates over 53 minutes.

Walking Tours

There are walking tours available, and different parts of the city can be explored. Munich is a good base for out of town excursions too, with Neuschwanstein Castle allowing you to explore the beautiful Bavarian Alpine countryside and the Dachau Concentration Camp tour providing a moving tribute to the victims of the holocaust.


The Deutsch Museum is one of the oldest science museums in the world, and the Bavarian National museum has lots of art exhibits, many from the medieval period from when the city has its origins.


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Events In Munich

To get a great atmosphere and to feel the city come alive, visit in October for the Oktoberfest celebrations (wearing your Lederhosen if you dare!), but if not, you can still visit the many beer halls and gardens of the city throughout the year. There are festive markets at Christmas time to be found throughout the city.

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