The Best Things To Do In Moscow

Moscow is a city that does not stop but from the moment you arrive you can breathe in the atmosphere of this vibrant city. It is vast and home to almost ten million people. Although this still takes nothing away from the impressive architecture and iconic attractions. This intriguing city brings you everything you could want from a city break, ranging from churches and monasteries to bars and shopping centres.

The Kremlin 

If you want to experience Russian, then the Kremlin symbolises it perfectly. This is one of the oldest parts of the city. It makes for an exceptional cultural sight as well as the centre of the Russian state and the home of the Russian President. It comes with heaps of History and in 1990, the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square became listed as a UNESCO worldwide heritage site. 

You can either choose to wander around the Kremlin on your own or you can benefit from one of the many tours available. You can also take advantage of the many different museums available outside. 

the Kremlin in Moscow

Red Square 

No trip to Moscow is complete without a visit to Red Square. This sprawling public space has had a  very mixed history ranging from executions to military parades and coronations. Here you can visit Lenin's tomb where you might be lucky enough to get in for free on a Friday as well as the wild onion domes of St Basil's Cathedral. This the place to start to really get a feel for Russia and its colourful past that intrigues and mesmerises at the same time.

St Basil’s Cathedral 

This famous Cathedral can be found on Red Square. It certainly will capture the imagination Dating back to the rule of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible in 1554-1560, it was built in honour of the conquest of the Kazen Khanate. This wonderful building comes with many stories. Such as the architects being blinded so that they would never see anything more beautiful than the Cathedral anywhere else. However, despite this rather horrifying story, the Cathedral really does capture the imagination because it is a masterpiece of design. The impressive design of nine alters that are spread out on a single foundation will really leave you amazed. This is a must-see attraction.

Red square moscow
St Basils Cathedral

Gorky Park 

The park was named in respect of the writer Maxim Gorky who was a writer plying his trade during the communist era. This vast park can be found on the bank of Moscow River. Since its makeover in 2012, it is a place where you can sip great coffee, eat and make the most of being outdoors when the weather is fine. There is a funfair,  hammocks and a summertime cinema while winter time will give you access to a large ice-rink. The Gorky Park is also ajoined to Vorobyovy Gory, where you can enjoy a stroll along the Moscow RIver.

Tretyakov Gallery 

If art is your thing, then this is an absolute must. Here you will find the largest collection of Russian art. Many masterpieces from iconic Russian artists are on display. Take a wander around to get a feel for Russian art while immersing yourself in the true culture of the city.

Gorky Park
Tretyakov Gallery

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History and Culture of Moscow

The history of Moscow dates back to 1147 when it was founded by Russian Prince Yury Dolgoruky. Throughout the decades it has played a vital role in the history of Russia. It became the capital in the late 13th century. For over 600 years, the city has been the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church. The warmth of the city is underpinned not just by the colourful buildings but also the many museums, opera houses and theatres. This is a city that is filled with culture and an alluring appeal that really does get you hooked. 

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