The Best Things To Do In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known to be the happiest city in the world. Upon arriving, you will see just why. The beauty of the cobbled streets and the easy-going locals, all help to give the city a vibe that you can simply breathe in. This popular destination is filled with charm and has an almost cosy feeling to it. The city looks great, makes you feel great and has a wide range of attractions, candlelit cafes and beaches. It is paradise in a city.

Tivoli Gardens 

Tivoli Gardens can be found right in the heart of the city and is one of those attractions that you have to visit. It is the second oldest amusement park in the world, giving it a unique feel that still appeals to all. However, this is not your average kind of amusement park because of its style and age. Despite this, it will certainly give you thrills and excitement. As well as a high level of entertainments, food and a fairy-tale vibe.
Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular attractions in the city and so, it visiting her is an absolute must. She can be found on the rock near to Langelinje Pier. She was inspired by the famous fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen. It has turned her into one of the most photographed attractions in Denmark. 

Canal Tours' Grand Tour of Copenhagen 

There is no better way to see Copenhagen than from the canals. The tours will take you through the straits of Copenhagen. These allow you to view all the main attractions form the water. You will have the chance to sit back, relax and listen to the guide as they talk you through the history of the city as you float along. 

The Little Mermaid Copenhagen
Copenhagen River tour

Copenhagen Zoo 

Copenhagen Zoo can be found at the beautiful and serene Frederiksberg Park. With more than 3,000 animals to take a look at, it really will offer a great day out to people of all ages. You will find all the usual suspects here including elephants, lions and monkeys as well as your common farm animals who you can get up close and personal with. 

Rosenborg Castle 

A trip to Copenhagen is not complete without visiting the stunning Rosenborg Castle. Take a full tour and see some of the glorious royal artefacts such as the Roya Danish Crown Jewels and the Royal Regalia. The castle has real charm and history while the gardens will really take your breath away.

Rosenborg Castle

Copenhagen Tours & Attractions

Map of Copenhagen

History and Culture of Copenhagen 

Copenhagen dates back to 1167 when it was founded by Bishop Absalon, who built a fortress. However, the city was hit in 1711 by the bubonic plague, reducing the city and the population to its knees. 20,000 people died during the plague.

Just 16 years later, the city was hit by tragic fires. These fires ripped the heart out of the city as well as many of the timber buildings that once stood there. Another further fire in 1795, put end to a pretty dismal year for Copenhagen but things did not get any better.

The Napoleonic wars saw the heart of the city attacked as the British bombarded the city. There were countless civilian casualties. Homes, churches and buildings were set on fire and reduced to rubble and ash. Despite this, as the 19th and 20th century arrived, the city began to grow and expanded beyond the old walls, turning itself in a hub of culture, liberal politics and arts.

The Second World War brought further trouble as the Nazi’s occupied the city during the war. However, the city did manage to come out of the war almost untouched, where it then began to turn itself into the city we see today.

Pictures of Copenhagen

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