The Best Things To Do In Aarhus

Located on the Jutland Peninsula, this is Denmark’s second city where you can find so many things that make this country as spectacular and interesting as it is. It is a spotlessly clean city where you can find a blend of history and modern architecture. There are museums, outdoor spaces to enjoy and a vibe that really does captivate and mesmerise.

Lets have a look at the best things to do and see in Aarhus.

Den Gamle By

If you want to take a step back in time and feel as though you are living in centuries gone by, then this open-air museum is the perfect place for you. There are 75 authentic historic buildings for you to take a look at and as actors re-enact scenes from these times, you really do feel as though you have been transported through time. It provides an insight into the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries where you can see what life was like for the people back then.

Moesgaard Museum

This is a spectacular attraction that includes a huge array of collection from around the world including the history of Denmark where there are artefacts that you cannot find anywhere else. You can take a look at the perfectly preserved Graubelle Man from the 3rd century BC who was found in a bog and discovered in 1952. He was preserved so well that scientists could even take fingerprints. There is a huge collection of Iron Age weapons that are over 2,000 years old and were excavated from the Illerup Adal river valley. However, the design of the museum is also appealing as the roof is covered in grass, ensuring that it has minimal impact on the environment.

Tivoli Friheden

Danish cities have a taste for urban amusement parks and Aarhus is no different as it has the Tivoli Friheden. Hidden in the Marselisborg Forest where Beech and Coniferous trees surround it, you will find rollercoasters as well as 40 other rides, games and amusements. For those who prefer the white knuckle options, the Cobra won’t disappoint while the little ones have a huge array of rides that will bring them fun all day long. You will never be far away from eateries as there are plenty of places to have a picnic or a barbecue or you can purchase food from one of the fast-food cafes if you want an easier option.

The Latin Quarter

The is the oldest area of the city where you can find quirky shops, old timbered houses and cobblestone streets that give it its character and alluring charm. The design of the streets dates back to the 1300s but the name was given in the 1990s as it has some similarities to the Latin Quarter found in Paris. Head there after sundown and this is where you can relax, enjoy the bars and restaurants in an atmosphere that really will put you at ease.

Aarhus Rådhus

The Town Hall is a real work of architectural beauty and was designed by Arne Jacobsen who is a highly regarded architect. The Town Hall was built in 1941 during Nazi occupation and takes on a pre-war design but the initial plans did not include the clock tower which was added after following the commands of the citizens of Aarhus. It is now considered to be a nationally-recognised landmark and with a structural frame that is clad with marble and a clock face positioned halfway up the tower instead of the top, this is a Town Hall with a difference.

Museum Ovartaci

This is a museum with a twist and might not be for everyone as it focuses on psychiatric treatment in Denmark through the years. It is located in Rissok Psychiatric Hospital which dates back to the mid-19th century and one of the main exhibitions here is a collection of art that was created by patients over the years. There are over 12,000 pieces in the collection but only 850 are on display. Head upstairs and learn all about the history of psychiatric treatments and the advances that have occurred through the years but you will also learn about shock therapy and lobotomies so this is not the best choice for those who are slightly squeamish.


This is a day trip from Aarhus but is worth it because it takes you to a quaint coastal town of Ebeltoft and along the coast including the Mols Berge National Park. It was given its municipal charter at the start of the 14th century and is the oldest market town in the area and as far as picturesque towns go, this is the one. From out of shape, half-timbered houses to a gorgeous harbour, this is a place that will make you feel at one with the world.


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