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The second city in the Czech Republic, this is known to be a hardworking city but the city has a very strange history that gives it its charm and intrigue. From the 1100s and up to the communist era, Brno was the capital of Moravia and much of its history can still be seen, including Gothic and Baroque design and architecture. The cobbled streets of the Old Town and the creepy feeling that this city oozes, lures you in and makes you want to find out what this city is really all about

Villa Tugendhat

This pleasant sight is open for tours each day and as far as Villas go, this is up there with Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye in Paris. This is a building that was designed with modern architecture in mind and was built between 1928 and 1930 with the design completed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It is now a UNESCO-listed work of art and the design was a game changer due to the open plan design and huge rear windows. However, this history is up there as being just as important as the design because the Tugendhat who resided here were Jewish and that had to flee the city in 1938. The villa was then a base for the Gestapo and also for the Soviet Army but in 1967, Greta Tugendhat came back and began restoring the property.

The Old Town Hall

The old town hall has a sense of fun about it and that comes from the quirky design of one of the turrets. The decorative facade of one of the turrets might look a little out of sorts and there are a number of stories as to why this might be the case. The first is that Anton Pilgram, the architect was drunk when designing it but the other story, which sounds more plausible was that he was not paid the right amount and so he tweaked the design. However, fun aside, you can head to the top of the tower and take in the views of the city from there but this is a fascinating building that dates back tot he 1200s and formed part of the defences during the charge from the Swedish in 1645.

Gregor Mendel’s Abbey and Museum

As far as scientists go, Gregor Mendel was a specialist in genetics and spent a huge portion of his life in Brno. He conducted many experiments in the garden of the Abbey of Saint Thomas on pea plants where he learned about heredity but if you want more, the Mendel Museum located just outside of the city will show you how he used his methods and experiments on mice, despite the church disproving of his behaviour. You can learn about his experiments on beekeeping and more making this trip a worthwhile one.

Capuchin Monastery

This is not a sight that is filled with fun but it is part of the history of Brno and is slightly morbid but it is worth a trip. The Capuchin Monastery on Kapucinske Square offers a beautiful exterior and ground floor but head underneath and you will find more than just Baroque design and a rococo interior with a notable fresco and preserved library. Underneath you will be met with an 18th-century crypt where members of the Capuchin order and other significant figures are lying in a mummified state, where they have been for the last 200 years.

Brno Underground

Staying with the underground theme but on a more lighter note, take a trip underneath the Cabbage Market in the Old Town and take a 40-minute walking tour through the chambers and tunnels. In 2011, these were opened to the public with the square above dating back to the 1200s and so, the tunnels date back to the same period. Here you can learn how they used the tunnels to preserve food in the Medieval era but also there is a historic wine cellar as well as an authentic alchemists laboratory. However, that quirky, strange element to this is not far away as you can see a pillory which is a public torture device that was once used in the middle ages.

The Cabbage Market

Head from the tunnels underground the Cabbage Market and take a look at the market place that has been used since the 1200s. It is still possible to buy vegetables as well as take a look at the monuments on offer here. There is the Parnas Fountain that contains a statue of Hercules where there is a story that fishmongers let their stock of carp swim in the fountain. The Reduta Theatre on the south side is a concert hall that dates back to Renaissance times where Mozart performed with his sister in 1767.

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