The Best Things To Do In Dubrovnik

This city has so much to offer and since it was showcased on the Game of Thrones, it has become even more popular. Every corner of this city has a lot to offer ranging from stunning architecture to stunning views and island trips.

City Walls

These grand city walls are now listed by UNESCO and when you see them, you will realise why. They have a long and extensive history that dates back to the 600s but they were upgraded in the 1500s and these are the walls you see today.

If you want to walk the walls then it will take around an hour but these battlements are every bit impressive. They provide expansive panoramic views and you can take in the Adriatic Sea below. A guided tour will give you more of an insight into the walls but if you want to go it alone, leave early to avoid the crowds.

Old Town

At times, it might feel as though twisting streets of the Old Town come from a TV show but if you take to the streets, you can explore all the alleyways and walkways that stretch across the town. Head to the main street of Old Dubrovnik, known as Placa where you can take in this wide limestone channel situated below the old houses.

As you move around, you will soon realise that every building has the same floor plan and that was because a citywide decree on building designs was put in place following an earthquake and fire during the 17th century.

Cable car

If great views are your thing, then you need to experience the best views of Dubrovnik, by taking a cable car to the top of  Mount Srd, which stands at 412 metres above the city. The cable car was built in 1969 and it is open until midnight during the summer months, giving you the chance to take a romantic trip to the summit.

During the day, you can take in the views of the towers an walls and the clay tiles of the houses as well as the greenery that gives this part of the world a splattering of colour.

Lovrijenac Fort

As far as forts go, this is up there as one of the better looking as it stands 40 metres above sea level. During the tussle with the Venetians, this fort really became a part of the city and as the Venetians attempted to build an outpost here, the locals beat them to it and created this fortress in three months during the 11th century.

St. John Fortress

Dubrovnik is not short of fortresses and St. John Fortress protects the port to the south-east. Dubrovnik was always at risk of being attacked by pirates and so, they installed this Fort in order to protect the port. When a warning was sent out, a large, heavy metal chain would be raised that ran from the fortress to the Kase jetty in the port to cause damage to the ships as they attempted to land. Inside the tower, there is a small aquarium on the 1st floor and above that is the maritime museum which is well worth a trip.

Orlando’s Column

Located at the eastern end of Placa and in front of the Church of St. Blaise, you can find this stunning stone column and flagpole that date back as far as the 1400s. 

This meeting point located at the centre of the old town contains a medieval knight known as Orlando. He is believed to have helped defend the Republic of Ragusa during a siege that lasted for 15 months in the 800s, making it possible for Dubrovnik to remain as a free trade city-state. The column now symbolises the freedom of Dubrovnik with the Libertas flag being raised during the city’s festival.

Lokrum Island

This island is positioned opposite Dubrovnik and a quick ferry ride will have you on the island in just ten minutes. It is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore a little. The island is full of pine trees and walking trails that offer a chance to escape.

Many of the routes will lead to the coast where you can find covers and waters that are perfect for swimming. You might even be lucky enough to spot one of the peacocks that live on the island after being brought here in the 19th century by the Austrian Archduke, Maximilian. During the summer, the old monastery on the island becomes a restaurant.


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