The Best Things To Do In Brussels

A trip to Brussels will provide you with a break that is filled with a cosmopolitan feel that captures the history of this magnificent city perfectly. There is culture, a vibrant atmosphere and beautiful food, not to mention the many museums on offer. Brussels is the ideal location for a break all year round. You can sample its famous chocolate and beer while experiencing the charm and elegance of its architecture. There is great shopping on offer and traditional markets, all of which make this city an alluring place.

Grand Place 

This beautifully designed town square was built over a number of centuries and really captures the history of Brussels perfectly. Almost every building has played its part in history in some way. While the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) is still in use today. 

Visit one of the many parks 

Despite Brussels being a concrete jungle, it has its fair share of parks positioned throughout the city. They take great pride in the parks and green spaces. The parks are varied and include grand boulevards that contain statues and fountains to small parks with lakes and plenty of flowers. If you want to get yourself away from the city for a leisurely stroll, then you really will be spoilt for choice because they have so much to offer.

Grand Place Brussels
Brussels Parks

Mini Europe 

The theme park, known as Mini-Europe, contains miniatures of some of the most famous landmarks, monuments and scenery from across Europe. It is a great place to wander and feel like giants as you take a whistle-stop tour of many countries throughout Europe. Some of the models on display here include Mount Vesuvius and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Mini Europe

Opera House 

In Brussels, you will find the most famous opera house in Belgium, La Monnaie (The Mint). The building is not only impressive but the history surrounding it is equally as extraordinary as it has been constructed, rebuilt and refurbished. The current building is the third one to be constructed on the site. The opera house is still extremely busy and still has a full schedule throughout the year. 

Palais de Justice 

This mammoth structure is impressive in every way. It offers spectacular views across the city. The building covers an amazing 20,000 square metres and brings with it grand architecture that towers over the old town of Brussels. The Palais de Justice is still an important landmark for the city and the country because it still stands as the high courts of Brussels. It can be instantly identified by the large and distinctive golden dome. As well as this, many columns that can be seen from the front of the building. You will find the Palais de Justice located near the Avenue Louise shopping street.

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Map of Brussels

History and Culture of Brussels

It is believed that the city was first established in the 7th century. Although there is no agreement on where the name originated from. Perfectly positioned in Europe, the city became an important part f the trade world in the 12th century. This was down to its position on the Seine and its artisans, turning it into a vital trading bloodline.

Then, in 1430, the Duke of Burgundy Philippe le Bon inherited Brabant. And so, under the power of the Duke, Brussels quickly became known as the centre of administration and culture, and equally as famous for its beautiful architecture, churches and palace. However, during the 20th century, the capital of Belgium soon became a victim of both World War I and World War II. During these wars the city suffered significant damage.

Following the war, the city rebuilt itself and has now turned itself into a cultural hub, although some war scars still remain.

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