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Bruges is the capital of West Flanders in the northwest of Belgium. With its meandering canals, medieval buildings and cobbled streets it is easy to see why this city is named “Venice of the North”. Many visitors are drawn here each year to experience its fairy-tale charm. There is so much to do and see here, from exploring the Markt or jumping aboard a boat and experiencing the city on a canal tour. You can even climb the Belfry of Bruges, where your efforts are rewarded with a stunning view over the entire city.

Belfry of Bruges

The Belfry of Bruges is a medieval bell tower located in the Markt at the centre of city. Standing at 83 metres high it is visible from many places throughout the city. There are 366 steps to climb to reach the top. Once you do the views over Bruges are simply jaw dropping.  


Markt is the main plaza of Bruges, and is also the beating heart of the city. Many cafes and restaurants fill the square making it the ideal meeting point. It has been used as a marketplace since 958 where weekly markets were held. Nowadays it is the main area from which city tours begin. Including a tour of Bruges on a horse drawn carriage. See more of Europe’s beautiful city squares.

Church Of Our Lady

The Church of Our Lady is the tallest landmark in the Bruges and dominates the city skyline. It is in fact the second tallest brick tower in the world. Contained in the church is a valuable art collection, of which includes the ‘Madonna and Child’ by Michelangelo.  

Old St John's Hospital

Adjacent to the Church Of Our Lady is the Hospital of St John. This medieval hospital is one of the oldest hospital buildings in Europe. You can visit the wards where monks and nuns once performed operations. You will also see the medical instruments used to undertake these arduous tasks. 

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Events In Bruges

Bruges Beer Festival

The Bruges Beer Festival takes place every year. As a city known for its production of beer, this festival brings together the breweries of the region. Here you can sample some of the many varieties which have been conceived. Thousands of locals and tourists experience the event of which celebrates a past-time influential to the cities culture. 

Procession of The Holy Blood

The Procession of the Holy Blood is a religious procession of the Catholic Church in Bruges. This historic event has been taking place yearly on Ascension day since the 1300's, exactly 40 days after the Easter holiday. The event is to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, where the dried blood becomes wet once more, and this wonder is celebrated.

Cactus Festival

Taking place in July. this 3 day music festival celebrates music from a variety of genres and brings many great artists to the city. Having taken place nearly every year since the early 80's it has become increasingly popular. Tickets are limited to only 25,000 people, to keep a intimate crowd, so be sure to book well in advanced.

Winter Sparks

In January, Winter Sparks will bring you winter cheer. You can wander around and enjoy free concerts and performances. Located on the terraces of the Burg, it creates quite the setting to enjoy a cold evening with loved ones.

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