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If you want a pleasant a surprise and to find a gem of a destination that gives you so much, then Mostar is it. A place of wondrous beauty, there is so much to see and do but for those who love nature then this destination certainly won’t disappoint. From rivers to waterfalls, abandoned building and street art. It has you covered from the moment you arrive.

Stari Most

This 16th-century bridge in its Ottoman style, is a work of architectural beauty, stretching 28 metres across the Neretva river. It stood in place for an impressive 427 years but it was destroyed during the Bosnian War, however, painful and careful restoration has seen a new bridge take its place. Tourists love the bridge and local, talented divers love to show off their diving skills, plunging in the river 20 metres below. Diving off the bridge is a tradition that started in 1664 and a formal diving competition now takes place.

Koski Mehmed Paša Mosque

You can enter the mosque for a small fee and you can climb the narrow staircase that winds around the minaret, giving you a view over Mostar and Stari Most. There is a quaint garden outside the mosque as well as fountain taps. If you fancy a break, there is a small cafe where you can sample Turkish tea or coffee and watch the sunset. This is a stunning place that has to be seen, it is as simple as that.

Street Art

Mostar is not just about natural beauty because it is also about street art because there is so much of it to see. The street art here is all about the culture and belief and it gives an insight into the thinking of the locals. Mostar was scarred by the Bosnian War and now there are abandoned buildings that are adorned with bullet holes and left to rot but street art brings them to life and so, young artists have taken the time to get creative and turn the city around. These buildings are almost a blank canvas for them to display their messages of peace or to protest about the past. It is a great part of the city that will grab your attention.

The Sniper Tower

As mentioned, there are many abandoned buildings in the city and they have remained that way since the Bosnian War. One building is known as the Sniper Tower and in its day, it was a bank but unfortunately, it was lost to the frontline during the Bosnian war and so, it became a base for snipers who positioned themselves in the tower to pick off their targets below. Today, the tower is still empty and the scars remain but now it has been decorated with street art but for those who love urban exploration, this is the perfect place to explore. The building is easy to enter and with various floors, you can take in the art, the history and yet another view of Mostar.

The Bruce Lee Statue

As far as random statues go, this has to be up there with the best of them but this is a statue worth visiting in Zrinjevac Park. This almost life-size sculpture is a tribute to the martial arts legend and was created by Croatian sculptor Ivan Fijolic in 2005 and was originally placed in the Spanish Square in 2005 with the aim of it being a lighthearted symbol of peace but some locals took a dislike to it and it became vandalised. The statue was put back in 2013 and has remained there since but now it is a hotspot for tourists who get to have their photograph taken with the legend of martial arts.

Kravice Waterfalls

As if this glorious part of the world has not given you enough, take a trip outside of the city and head to Kravice waterfalls. Upon arrival, you will think that you have found paradise and you really have. Best enjoyed during the summer, the waterfalls are around 25m in height and fall into the stunning emerald coloured lake below. Embrace your slice of heaven and tranquillity and enjoy this natural hotspot where the locals come and take a swim in the lake and even underneath the waterfalls. Let your inner child free and give the tyre swing a try but when you have worked up a thirst, grab a drink in the cafe and watch the locals enjoying this amazing place.

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