Best Things To Do In Vienna

The capital of Austria, Vienna is situated on the east side of the Danube River. It has a legacy that has produced some of the most famous performers, artists and scientists in the world such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud. This city is adorned with imperial palaces and houses, museum, cafes and contemporary buildings.

View from roof of the St Stephens Cathedral

Take a Tram to Tour the Ringstrasse

Vienna ring tram

The Ringstrasse boulevard encompasses the historic centre of the city and is adorned with stunning architectural buildings. This is often a great place to start for those interested in the history of the city. It provides them with the chance to see how the city has evolved throughout the years. How it was once a small walled town to the large empire that it became and the green city that it is today. You will see the Museum of Fine Arts and the beautifully manicures lawns of the Heroes Gate. This leads the way to Hofburg Palace.

Cruise the Old Danube

River Danube cruise boats on river

The main river is a hive of activity but the old Danube is more peaceful and frequented less by visitors. This gives you the chances to explore the lodges, the restaurants, floating concerts and the water-sports on offer. The oxbow lake creates a place of tranquillity giving you the chance to rent sofa boats, paper boars, and even e-water bikes. This is all about exploring a small, lesser-known area of the city where you can take a step back and see the city in all its glory. Discover other canal tours and river cruises in the cities of Europe.

Hofburg Palace

Hofburg palace exterior

Hofburg Palace is a stark reminder of the Habsburg dynasty and pays tribute to the power that it carried. This was the main winter palace for those who ruled the Austro-Hungarian Empire for centuries. Today, the palace houses offices for the president of Austria and is a presidential base. They were built in the 13th century and since have gone through a significant transformation, including the addition of the superb semi-circular Neue Burg. The baroque architecture is there for all to admire while the beauty will certainly captivate you. You can take a tour or if you prefer, you could visit one of the museums located on the complex.

St Stephens Cathedral

St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

The bright mosaic roof that consists of 230,000 glazed tiles will capture your attention the moment you enter this beautiful Gothic cathedral. The North Tower is the place to really see the Imperial Eagle mosaics in all their glory while the Sky Bars Roof terrace is also an equally rewarding spot.

Wiener Riesenrad Giant Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel in Vienna

This Ferris wheel carries the charm and warm-hearted feeling of yesteryear as its old-fashioned design is perfect for those who like a bit of tradition. A slow ride on this giant Ferris wheel will give you the chance to admire the work of British engineers from over 100 years ago. Despite it being a traditional Ferris wheel, it has had a number of facelifts over the years. It has also played a role in a number of films.

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn palace exterior

This vast and sprawling estate was once the summer residence for the Hapsburgs. You will need to set aside a day to take it all in and good weather helps. The rococo rooms and opulently decorated rooms are vibrant and colourful. You can end your visit with a trip to the world’s oldest zoo to see the pandas.

Schonbrunn Gardens

Schonbrunn Gardens gloriette

This is another impressive part of Schonbrunn Palace and deserves a separate visit for you to embrace all that it has to offer. This is a garden that is magical and inspiring in every possible way.

There is over a kilometre of the garden for you to explore. It extends from the palace and gives you the chance to spend hours wandering around the many different areas. There are uniform flower beds in the Parterre or the stunning hedge maze and labyrinth for you to get lost in. To see a real work of art, Neptune’s fountain is worth a visit while an artificial Roman Ruin with stone statues gives this a unique twist.

However, Gloriette which can be found opposite the palace is the icing on the cake. There are a pool and a classical colonnaded building, where you can enjoy a drink in the café or sit back and admire the views of the palatial garden.

Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace and gardens

This large palatial complex and its gardens are divided into two and known as the Upper and Lower Belvedere. Used by Austrian Princes in the 16th century, they served as an idyllic summer residence. The architecture of the two palaces is simply sensational while the Upper Belvedere has a detailed facade that has green domed semi-towers. The Lower Belvedere is more simple in design but both palaces look out over the beautiful gardens.

The Belvedere museum contains a vast range of artwork and richly decorated staterooms. While the landscaped gardens are completed with pools and an orangery.

Exterior of the Vienna Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum contains a vast collection of precious stones, minerals, meteorites, fossils, skeletons, insects and mammals along with taxidermy of species that are extinct. The palace in which the museum is housed contains rich architecture that aligns itself with the historical architecture of Vienna.

There are over 30 million objects for you to consider and the collection is seen to be one of the most important in Europe. It is constantly being updated as new additions are arriving all of the time.

To add to all that it already offers, there is a digital planetarium where you can watch films about the earth and how it has developed into what it is today. This is the perfect place for adults and children, there really is a lot on offer.

Vienna Tours & Attractions

History and Culture of Vienna

Horses in Vienna

Vienna and its history stretch back as far as the first century AD. In the beginning, it was known as Vindobona and named by the Romans. Much of which their legacy can still be seen today in the city. During the Middle Ages, Vienna was a trading hotspot, where amber and salt passed along the trading routes.

The Habsburg Dynasty saw Vienna become the centre of culture economics. The reign of Maria Theresa was a pivotal part of the history of the city. Vienna then became a glamorous place to be and it grew in popularity, where baroque buildings are still visible in the city today.

During the second half of the 19th century, the city really grew. The reign of Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth were in charge of this change and so, the city moved into a modern era.

Events In Vienna


During Easter, the city is awash with seasonal markets and music. The largest pile of painted Easter eggs can be found in Freyung square while the market situation in front of Schonbrunn Palace is decorated in a sophisticated manner. The AmHof and Altes AKH markets are perfect for those who love local crafts, where craftspeople work away at creating goods during the event. The annual ‘Spring in Vienna’ grand concert takes place over the Easter Weekend where the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra performs.

Vienna Marathon

The annual Vienna Marathon is extremely popular and attracts over 40,000 runners from around the world. It begins on the main Danube bridge where it then takes participants through the perfect sightseeing route. If you want to experience the race and the atmosphere, there are many different areas of the city that will fulfil your needs.

Wienissimo Food Festival

Burger at the Wienissimo food festival

Food lovers unite during this food festival in Vienna’s City Hall. There are 250 guests positioned around a huge table that is decorated with lavish flowers, chandeliers, and perfectly white tablecloths. Restauranteurs from across Vienna serve up the food and drink with the proceeds from donations going to local charities. There is a vibrant atmosphere when this event takes place in Vienna.

Vienna Jazz festival

The Jazz festival does not disappoint music lovers, regardless of their chosen style of music. With performances going on and a great atmosphere, it is the perfect chance for people to get together. Embrace in the superb jazz music from performers all across the globe.

Hotels in Vienna

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