Best Cities to Visit in Austria

Austria still has its charm and allure that firmly put it on the map centuries ago. This wonderful country is home to stunning landscapes, classical music, architecture and stunning food. What is there not to love? There are many places to visit in Austria and all are guaranteed to deliver a vibrant atmosphere, stunning scenery and plenty to see and do.

Austria has character and with it being landlocked and mainly located in the Alps, natural beauty is never far away. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best cities to visit in Austria.


View over rooftops in Graz

Graz is the second largest city in Austria and it is awash with students, giving it a young and vibrant feel. Here you will find one of the oldest preserved towns in the whole of central Europe and you can explore the culture that reflects that seen in the Balkan States and Italy. There are many museums to explore, covering art right through to war. This is a city that knows all about food and here you can find a wide range of cuisines and stunning restaurants. These are sure to give you a dining experience that you will never forget. Discover more to do in the city of Graz.

When to travel:

Most popular months – February, March and July
For the weather – April to October
Best deals – September to November

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Square in Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck is a city that has its name well and truly etched in the memory of many as it was the host city for both the 1964 and the 1978 Winter Olympics. Known for its winter sports, it is popular all year round but it also offers so much more than this. The city brings with it cathedrals with stunning architecture, tombs of past Emperors and wide collections of paintings and war memorabilia. This is a city that has hundreds of years of history, so there really is plenty on offer here.

When to travel:

Most popular months – August to October
For the weather – April to September
Best deals – June to August

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Slazburg Cathedral

This exciting city is located in the heart of Austria and close to the German border and is known as the birthplace of Mozart. Travellers come from across the world to view the many sights that inspired his music. There is a medieval fortress and the picturesque town of Altstadt where visitors can enjoy the mesmerising views of Alpine scenery. Must-see attractions include the 17th-century Baroque Mirabell Palace and Gardens as well as the Von Trapp Family home as seen in The Sound of Music. Mozart lovers can also visit his birthplace including a reconstruction of his home. Find more to do in Salzburg.

When to travel:

Most popular months – January, July and September
For the weather – May to September
Best deals – September to November

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Vienna Austria

Vienna is the capital of Austria and is the largest city in the country. It is a place where visitors will instantly think of waltzes and Johann Strauss. Each year, over 200 balls take place but this is a city that is also known for classical composers such as Brahms and Beethoven. For those who want a break from the music then they can visit Hofburg where they can view the Hapsburg rulers’ imperial jewellery as well as the Kunsthistoriches which is a museum filled with paintings from old masters. When the time comes to slow the pace down a little, there are plenty of relaxing cafes and restaurants that are perfect for all. Discover the best things to do in Vienna.

When to travel:

Most popular months – June to September
For the weather – April to July and August to October
Best deals – March to May

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