Blue Lagoon In Reykjavik – Iceland’s Thermal Experience

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When it comes to top attractions in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik is up there as one of the best. This stunning, milky blue lagoon looks amazing and contrasts the harsh surroundings brilliantly.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

This large lake contains water that sits at an average temperature of 39°C and so, it is ideal for bathing. It can be found on the Reykjanes peninsula in the southwest of Iceland and it is one of the first places that visitors head to once they arrive. The soothing waters and nourishing blend of minerals make this the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the surrounding nature in all its glory.

History of Blue Lagoon

It might surprise you to learn that the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik is a relatively new tourist attraction and isn’t one that has been created naturally. It was created in 1976 next to the geothermal power plant. So, with a history of just over 40 years, it is not as natural as many might think it is. This man-made structure is filled with excess water from the power plant that drills for steam and water.

While many consider the lagoon to be a disaster, there are those who believe it to be a fortunate accident. The water is safe and clean and contains no chemicals and only natural minerals which are good for the skin.

Woman in Blue Lagoon

Despite being created in 1976, the first person did not bathe in it until 1981 where many were unsure about the ideal. This first person took a dip because he suffered from Psoriasis and wanted to find a way to soothe his skin. After obtaining permission and stepping into the water, he realised that the water worked brilliantly and so, he gave the lagoon the name that it has today. In 1987, the bathing facilities were officially opened, despite people bathing here for the previous six years. At first, the lagoon was solely used by people wanting to ease their skin problems but now it has taken on a completely different identity, turning it into one of the top attractions in Iceland.

Best Time to Visit the Blue Lagoon

The quietest times of day to visit the lagoon are first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, so if you want silence and even more room then this is the ideal time to book.

Steam from Blue Lagoon

However, many people who travel to Iceland spend their time sightseeing, so perhaps the evening slots are best as you can soak away those aches. During the summer months, the lagoon is open until 11pm and that means that you can relax in the lagoon and embrace the midnight sun. In winter time, the cold air and warm water make this a magical experience but the evenings are the best time as you could experience the Northern Lights while having a relaxing soak.

Blue lagoon at night

Blue Lagoon by Night by sergejf – Source: Flickr

So, there are a number of best times to visit depending on the time of year and how you spend your time but one thing is for sure, the Blue Lagoon is a sensational experience.

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