The Best Stag Do Destinations in Europe

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Stag do’s and their destinations have changed a lot in recent years. It is no longer enough for stags to spend their last night of freedom in their local club. In fact, it seems as though many stags or their best men, in particular, are now looking further afield. The celebrations are no longer spread over one evening but instead, they are now long weekend breaks.

Many of the top European cities are providing Stag parties and activities with the chance to explore and try something different. Many of these cities are just a few hours away by plane. This often makes it easier than catching a train to somewhere in the UK.  

So, what are the top stag do destination in the cities of Europe?

Riga, Latvia

The stunning city of Riga has now become a top destination for stag do. Not only is this a city of magnificent beauty but it is a city that really does have a lot to offer those stag parties that want to mix cheap accommodation with great bars and plenty of activities.  

The city offers a real thrill for those who want to get their pulse racing. These include a 70km per hour Olympic Bobsleigh run or shooting ranges for those who want to feel the power behind an AK47.  

It is a popular destination and that is because it is priced well and is certainly the place where a stag can really say his last farewell to freedom.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is just a few hours from the UK but once any stag party arrives, you will be met with great German beer and sausage.  

Throughout the city there are plenty of bars and activities to keep you occupied all weekend. A Beer Bike tour around the city is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. While cross-city golf provides the unique experience of playing the game across the city.

Hamburg has so much to offer and depending on the time of year you head there, you could even spend some time on the beach. A firstclass city that really does tick every box.

Krakow, Poland

Beautifully smooth vodka, strong lager and cellar bars provide stag parties with the chance to let themselves free in this amazing capital set on the Vistula River.  

Head to the main square and stag parties will have enough bars to choose from to last them the night but why stop there. There are activities located in the city including tank driving, gun shooting and go karting. Or you could even take a visit to Schindler's factory  which includes museums containing contemporary art and history.

The city is perfect in Spring when you can really enjoy the outdoors. But head there in winter and you will experience the meaning of cold.

Tallinn, Estonia

Head to this wonderful city in Estonia and make the most of the cheap prices, wild activities and amazing bars.  

Get the adrenaline going by arranging some motor paintballing or even pick up some heavy artillery and try some shooting practice. 

If the spectacular bars have you feeling slightly fuzzy in the morning, take a walk up Toompea to clear your head, although there are bars along the way.  

There are plenty of guided bar tours that allow you take in this medieval city while sampling some great beer and why not fill yourselves up on a medieval banquet.  

Tallinn is a great city that delivers an even greater stag party.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is a compact city with enough bars for any stag party yet for those who want something more it has a stunning beach which can be enjoyed during the summer months in Sopot.  

The Polish are known for producing great vodka and beer both of which are bound to feature during the trip. This is a great looking city with plenty of bars and restaurants not to mention the activities such as a clubbing bus, paintballing or quad biking.  

This is a city that really enables you to get every drop out of a stag party.

Bratislava, Slovakia

A cultured city that has a lot to offer every stag party, including beer costing around £1. This is one of the cheapest places in Europe. With reasonable flight prices this is a great place to visit for those stag parties on a tighter budget.  

Book one of the many shooting packages, water sport activities like jet packing, or simply spend your time moving around one of the many bars.

This is a city that has great architecture and a great atmosphere that makes it perfect for any stag party.

These are just a few of the many great stag do destinations throughout the cities of Europe. Obviously, each destination is unique so be sure to investigate which will best suit you.

If you have already been on your stag do, comment below and let us know where in Europe you visited, we'd love to know!

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